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SEGAL seeks partnership with Govt.

SEGAL NDA private security firm, the Security Expert Guard Agency of Liberia or SEGAL, is calling on the Government of Liberia to promote joint collaboration among security forces in the country to maintain peace in the wake of UNMIL drawdown.

SEGAL also emphasized the need for law enforcement agencies to sit around the table with various private security firms to discuss issues relating to maintaining the peace of Liberia.  Speaking to reporters Friday, October 2, at his office on 10th Street Sinkor, General Manager and CEO Momo T. Cyrus,said the reason for seeking partnership with the government is to enable private security firms buttress efforts of the security sector after the drawdown of UNMIL.
He indicated that national security forces cannot handle all situations alone, adding, “Our job as private security officers is static; no one will leave post unless his or her assignment is change, but with the national security officers, you will find them leaving for no reason, and their presence is not felt at our various border entries around the country”.
Cyrus noted that his call for collaboration comes from the backdrop of UNMIL drawdown, noting, “Our national security officers are not trusted enough to handle [all] situations whenever they sparked up, because they don’t have a complete response team that will immediately rush to situations, but with the private security, we are always on ground; our presence alone can put to halt any uncomfortable situation in the country.”
Commenting on the recent violence in Ganta,Nimba County to led to one death and arson attack on both public and private properties, the SEGAL general manager said if enough security officers had been on the scene to swiftly respond, the damages would have been minimized.
He said SEGAL is in 11 of the 15 counties of Liberia, offering security services to private assets, including ArcelorMittal in Nimba County, further stressing that to maintain the peace Liberians enjoy today, there is need for joint effort between private security and national security officers to provide maximum protection for our citizens.
He recalled that few years ago, ex-soldiers had threatened demonstrations in demand of benefits, but with the formation SEGAL, such threats no longer exist because his firm has employed most of the ex-soldiers, adding that these are people that have experience in terms of protection, because they arms before. Edited by Jonathan Browne

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