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Sen Chea’s Nuquay US sanction claim is false & misleading!

-ND investigation finds has discovered

By Othello B. Garblah

A New Dawn investigation has discovered that the assertion made by Senator Augustine Chea of Sinoe County indicating that the United States Government’s visa restriction imposed on Margibi County Senator J. Emmanuel Nuquay was because he provided land for Jeety Rubber Factory is misleading.

Sen. Chea who claimed to have written articles arguing the US sanctions imposed on officials of the outgoing George Weah regime and some members of the 54th Legislature told OK FM on Tuesday, January 9, 2024, that the Americans issued visa restrictions against Sen. Nuquay because he was actively involved in helping Indian Businessman Upjit Singh Sachdeva popularly known as Jeety to set up his rubber factory by providing the land and buildings for the factory.

“Nuquay and other people had to work with Jeety to establish the factory. (And) because he (Nuquay) provided the land, he provided the building and he is working with Jeety to make sure that the project comes to realization,” Sen. Chea explained why suggesting that this was the reason behind Nuquay being sanctioned by the US Government.

However, the New Dawn investigation has established that the over 130 acres parcel of land on which the Jeety Rubber Factory is located was originally owned by Mr. Lloyd Wishmant who sold it to Marilyn Teta Logan in 2020.

The lease agreement, a copy of which is in the possession of this paper and can also be found in Appendix IV within the Investment Incentives Agreement signed between the Liberian Government and Jeety Rubber LLC and ratified by Sen. Chea and his colleagues shows that Mr. Sachdeva leased the land from Ms. Logan.

This paper also found assertion made by Sen. Chea insinuating that Sen. Nuquay and others who he alleged helped Mr. Sachdeva to set up the rubber factory may be part owners of the Jeety Rubber Factory as false.

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According to Appendix 1 of the Jeety Rubber Factory LLC Investment Incentives Agreement on Corporate Structure, which was approved on December 27, 2021, and Published on January 10, 2022, the Jeety Rubber Factory is fully owned 100% by Mr. Upjit Singh Sachdeva.

On other eclectic allegations made by Sen. Chea indicating that the establishment of the Jeety Rubber Factory is against Firestone’s interest and therefore the Americans saw that as undermining Firestone’s investment interest, the paper also found that to be false and misleading.

Sources at the Firestone Rubber Plantation told this paper on Wednesday that Mr. Sachdeva and Firestone Management enjoy a cordial relationship.

One source told this paper that a few months ago Mr. Sachdeva visited the current management of Firestone, something which our source said was reciprocated by a visit to the Jeety Rubber Factory by some officials from the Firestone Rubber Plantation signifying the harmonious relations between the two companies.

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