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Sen. Grupee warns belligerent citizens

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Sen. T. GrupeeSenator Thomas Grupee of Nimba County has given a four-day ultimatum to citizens of Bahn City, who are opposed to the pavement of streets in the city to desist or risk administrative action.

The Senator’s action comes in the wake of reports of some residents refusing to accept the opening of the street in Bahn because their properties have fallen in the official demarcation for the work thus, risking demolition.

Speaking during a mass citizens meeting at in the Bahn City Hall, Senator Grupee joined the county administration to embark on the opening of streets in Bahn city.

He said the decision to open every street in Bahn had earlier been agreed on by all citizens in the area, but now that some local authorities’ properties were being marked for demolition to enhance the road construction, they have summersaulted, opposing the paving of streets in Bahn.

The NewDawnNimba correspondent said at the meeting, the citizens were divided with some welcoming the project, while others are against the effort. Debate lasted for over three hours with aggrieved citizens presenting their points across the floor.

Prior to the exercise, residents had expressed joy over news of 22 yellow machines going to Bahn to pave streets. Each household in the town had been taxed 100 Liberian Dollars towards the project, but since the money was collected, some members of the Bahn City Council, including the Mayor of the city, whose homes were marked for demolition, have been unhappy for the exercise, causing delay for more than a week.

Nimba County Superintendent Fong Zuagele and development superintendent Dorr Cooper, have called on the citizens not to engage in anything that would cause problem or thwart development in the county. Development Superintendent Cooper told the citizens that no local authorities can stand against the pavement of streets in Nimba, stressing that properties already marked for demolition will be brought down.

Some affected citizens, who spoke to this paper, threatened to commit suicide if they lost their properties, while others say they will leave Bahn city to live in the forest because they have nowhere else to live. They called on the county administration to provide them relocation funds.

One of the residents, Joe Menlor, said they are not against the layout of Bahn city or any development, but those properties marked for demolition should be paid for thru the county social development fund. He said most of those being affected are widows and children, who don’t have anybody to help rebuild them a home.

Nimba County assistant superintendent for fiscal affairs, Moses Mendee, said the local administration lacks money to pay for properties facing demolition. By Franklin Doloquee, Nimba – Editing by Jonathan Browne

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