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Sen. Gueh counters Dillon’s threat

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Rivercess County Senator Dallas Gueh says Montserrado Couty Senator Darius Dillon’s threat to oppose the extension of the State of Emergency by 30 days is dead upon arrival, because the Senate will not debate the extension because the lives of the Liberian people is important more than any other thing.

Instead, he says Sen. Dillon should be in more support of the SOE because the county he represents is highly hit. On Monday, June 22, opposition Collaborating Political Parties’ lawmakers vowed to resist the extension by President Weah.

The group of opposition lawmakers led by Senator Dillon at the All Liberian Party headquarters in Monrovia said, there is no need for the extension of the State of Emergency. Dillon on behalf of his colleagues argued that the Weah government should make use of the Public Health Law of Liberia, instead of a prolonged State of Emergency to fight the virus.

But the Rivercess County lawmaker says he supports the extension of the State Of Emergency because members of the senate saw this coming that the previous 60 days endorsed in a joint resolution was not possible and that is why their recommendation to the executive was 90 days because amid the normal challenge of the health system, the country could not fight this virus within 60 days.

Gueh explains the extension of the SOE is to keep the number of the virus down and the health system, in his words, is doing its best to keep the numbers down by stepping up public testing. He notes that majority of the people, who are getting infected with virus are high profile individuals rather than ordinary citizens, so Liberians should support preventive measures announced by health authorities.

At the same time Senator Dallas Gueh is calling for postponement of the impending midterm senatorial elections due to the current health crisis. He argues that the government took an oath to protect lives and property, stressing that in the wake of the pandemic, it would be bad to have election.

He made the call in a live talk show here Tuesday, saying that government should take every necessary measure to curb the virus before proceeding with the polls. The midterm senatorial polls are scheduled for December 8, 2020 to elect 15 of the 30 senators at the Capitol.

Gueh argues further that if elections were postponed, the Constitution would not be violated because in 2014, elections were to be conducted in the midst of Ebola, but the polls were postponed, so there is precedent.

According to him, even if it meant the country going into constitutional crisis, the senate will support that cause because the lives of the people matter more than a man getting power.

By Bridgett Milton–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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