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Sen. Moye predicts trouble if…

By Lewis S Teh

Bong County Senator and Chair of the Senate Committee on Education and Public Administration, Prince Moye predicts trouble if Liberians go to the poll in October and re-elect President George Weah for a second term.

“Fellow citizens, we’re heading for complete trouble if care is not taken especially, some of you who will be going to the poll”, he alarms.

Senator Moye made the prediction on Saturday, February 4th at the refurbished Unity Party national headquarters on Broad Street in Central Monrovia, while delivering the keynote address at the first graduation exercises of over 200 women, who completed six weeks intensive skill training in various disciplines.

“As a senior member of the legislature since 2012, we have never ratified a genuine concession that will bring benefits in terms of employment and economic benefits to this country”, he said.

According to the Bong County Senator, all of those concessions the legislature ratified were a complete 419, citing the Eton concession which he notes, was brought under the illusion that one billion dollars was coming to the country, but today, the fate of that concession is in limbo.

He also spoke of the Western Cluster concession, noting that the concessionaires are taxi-driving all over the place, as they only interested in getting the concession and then go to hustle on it with no trace of their whereabouts.

Senator Moye laments that University graduates are hanging around without jobs, while young Liberians are eager to leave the country in search of greener pastures in foreign countries, adding that some of them are being duped because of lack opportunities at home.

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“Just within five years, Liberia is now a major transit point for drugs”, he laments, and wonders that Liberia that does not a market how come cocaine valued US$100 million arrived at the Freeport of Monrovia and offloaded to warehouses in Topoe Village, Gardnerville, along the Japanese Freeway.

The senator frowns that in less than five years, Liberian Diplomatic Passports are being sold all over the world to criminals, noting “We who are diplomats when traveling, we are being scrutinized more than the ordinary people, all because criminals and fake people are in possession of our passports.”

“Our country is degenerating and I know the Unity Party has always been on a rescue mission for Liberia and our Standard Bearer, Ambassador Joseph N. Boakai, will rescue Liberia.”

He says the government of President Weah talks about economic growth, but there is not development, and that Liberians are hungry all over the place so one does not need a rocket scientist to tell how tough things are in the country.

Moye, a member of the opposition Unity Party, notes that Liberia has had two separate democratic governments in recent times, adding that the first elected democratic government saw the world coming to Liberia in recognition of the country and its people, but today, it is totally a different story, as despite having another elected democratic government, the entire world is turning its back on Liberia.

Turning to the graduates, he says today is a great day in the country where civil servants are being denied salaries on a regular basis, but money was diverted to petition a failed government, adding “and you have defiled that order to attend this program, for this, I want to say thank you.”

He recalls that when Liberia was going through turmoil, including rigging of the 1985 elections that led citizens running in bushes to return with civil war in 1989, it was the UP that led a rescue mission for Liberia.

When the Accra Peace Accord was delayed, countries got involved and it was the same Unity Party that led another rescue mission in 2005 which brought in Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as President, who subsequently brought hope to Liberia, and for the country to be recognized around the world.”

According to him, the former Unity Party-led government brought in so many investors and that some from the opposition termed those concessions that were ratified as bogus, but that the CDC-led government has been in power for five years with no straight concessions for citizens to see.

“NGOs were rushing in here, helping our people in different aspects of life; we had business people all trooping into our air space, coming to do business, but today, after nearly six years, we are yet to see these things happening”, Moye notes.

He says under the UP regime, university graduates got jobs in different areas with doctors being well paid and on time, but today, after a decision was made in 2017 on the campaign promised “Hope for Change” that brought in the current administration, Liberians are yet to see tangibles after five years of governance.

The UP is the immediate predecessor of the governing CDC, but the former ruling party, under the leadership of Ex-vice president Joseph Nyumah Boakai, has vowed to make President Weah a one-term President comes October. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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One Comment

  1. Unity Party is the mother organization for ILLEGAL CONCESSION DEALS. Under UP Ellen Moore Stevens audit reveal on 2% of audit deal was lawful. The remaining 98% was bogus and unlawful. So, we know George Weah and CDC are bad for Liberia. But does that mean we we should go back to “Egypt”? It’s time for a change but not a change back to UP. We know what they did here, when they were in power. Even Joe Boakai admitted to squandering opportunity. No one will give them another opportunity to squander. Case close. UP and their Standard Bearer are yesterday’s news. Ware looking for much better and trusted individuals.

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