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Sen. Taylor appeals for Chinese Ebola testing kits

Bong County senior senator Jewel Howard Taylor is calling on the Government of Liberia to liaise with the Government of China to help provide Ebola testing kits which she says has been discovered by the Peoples’ Republic of China.

Senator Taylor said she learnt through the internet, that China has invented an Ebola testing kit that could run an Ebola test in 15 to 30 minutes.  She said the portable testing kit could be distributed to hospitals in Liberia to help speed up testing of suspected cases.

Speaking on Truth 96.1 FM on Monday, September 29, Senator Taylor suggested that since the virus is spread by touching sick people or dead bodies, ambulances being used to bury dead Ebola victims should be proactive and work in the space of time to take sick or dead people from communities in order to limit contacts.

Sen. Taylor said the US troops being committed in Liberia are not ordinary soldiers, but professional doctors, engineers, among others, who will help in building ETUs in each county. She, however, stressed the need for the US military to go through the rightful procedure by signing a status of forces agreement in line with international law.

On the question of the election, Senator Taylor said the Ebola outbreak in Liberia came as a surprise, therefore, the October midterm senatorial election should be postponed. She acknowledged that Gbarpolu County is one of the few remaining counties that have not been badly hit by Ebola, adding that since the outbreak in Liberia, the county has experienced one death from the virus.

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