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Sen. Taylor twists tongue

Senator Jewel Howard Taylor, the extreme wife of war crime convict, ex- President Charles Taylor, seems to be threading on a wrong footing as far as truth telling is concern.

Sen. Taylor, who is recorded on tape, explaining how she lobbied for LD$72 million from the Central Bank of Liberia through the help of its Executive Governor J. Mills Jones to distribute among her constituents and was now in return asking them to pay her back through their votes on Tuesday issued a poorly written press statement with respect to denial.

This paper is in possession of a copy of the recording and is willing to print out dozens of copies for interested radio stations and individuals.

The Senator, in a release which depicts that the writer lacks basic reading comprehension injected paragraphs which were purported to be contained in the original story written in the New Dawn’s Tuesday, October 28, 2014 edition, but which unfortunately were not.

This paper can state emphatically that Sen. Taylor, who is seeking another 9-years in office is using the CBL micro loan scheme to indirectly fund her reelection bid as could be heard on the tape.

“I went to the Central Bank and lobby for LD$72 million for Bong County. All, I am trying to do here is for you to say the woman has helped us, (so) let’s give her our votes.”

The incumbent senator further boasted that she again went at the Central Bank and begged for more money (at this time she asked the journalist to switch off his recorder). The journalist in question, name withheld, corresponds for one of the four leading local dailies.

Below is the original story and the release:



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