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Sen. Wesseh urges candidates to accept election result

River Gee County Senator Commany B. Wesseh is calling the four candidates that are left in the Presidential election to start accepting the result now.

Delivering an oration on Tuesday, 24 October at programs marking the United Nations Day, Sen. Wesseh said it may be difficult to accept but there will only be two people that will be elected on November 7 as Liberia’s next president and Vice President respectively. He urges the two that will be elected to be prepared to move on. He notes that the four candidates that are still in the race for president and vice president must know their fates on November 7 and need even more prayers.

Meanwhile, Sen. Wesseh has appreciation and honor for to the United Nations for its role in the restoration of peace and stability in Liberia. He says the United Nation in Liberia deserves a very special gratitude, acknowledging that while the country and especially the politicians are now struggling for political power, the UN is a source of additional confidence in the electoral process.

He says in Liberia, the United Nations carries a very special meaning to many different people, saying to historians, the UN was that creation by 51 counties of the world to signal the end of World War II. He says Liberia is a founding member, and it provided the platform for Liberia to play a very active part in international affairs.

In particular, Sen.Wesseh notes that Liberia used the United Nations to lead the struggle for African independence from colonial rule for struggles against the racist apartheid regime and system of South Africa for a dedicated and forceful advocacy for the liberation of South West Africa. He however congratulates the United Nations for its service in Liberia, strengthening peace and promoting security and democracy. He also appreciates President Ellen Johnson – Sirleaf for her true legacy.

Also speaking, the SRSG of UNMIL Farid Zarif said for the past 72 years, the UN has been providing peacekeeping around the world and most of those [countries] are now living in peace.

He says the peacekeeping mission in Liberia helped the people of Liberia to emerge from the war and to start building their lives. According to him, Liberians have just put behind them a very important benchmark, citing the election held on October 10, though he says the country still has the second round to go. He prays that the runoff will be peaceful and kind so that Liberia will once again give hope to other nations.

By Bridgett Milton–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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