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Sen. Wesseh wants road connectivity in Southeast

Sen. Wesseh PIXRiver Gee County Senator Commany Wesseh, says high on his agenda is connecting major roads that lead to southeast Liberia before the end of the fourth working session of the Senate.

Senator Wesseh said he and his colleagues in the Senate from the southeast would not sign any deal or rectify any agreement without connecting roads in the region, including roads leading from Sinoe to River Gee, Maryland and Rivercess counties, respectively.

He spoke Monday, 11 January on the live talk show “Super Morning Show” hosted by state radio, the Liberia Broadcasting System or LBS. The River Gee County Lawmaker disclosed he intends to focus on transforming the entire county, saying “I am going to embark on the transformation and development of the county.”

Senator Wesseh however, said despite his efforts and intention for his people, he still get criticized. “But one thing that I know is everyone has a right to say something, especially when things are not done the way in which they should be then you get criticized; for me, I think it is good to criticize because it helps to build up the agenda for those in position.”

Meanwhile, Senator Wesseh has declared support for the presidential bid of Vice President Joseph N. Boakai saying, “I think the Vice President is a nice gentlemen; he has been in public all his life and for me, I support his idea of becoming the next president of this country, because he can rebuild on the agenda that will be left by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.”

A confidant of President Sirleaf, he urged Liberians to take a look at development in the country, and on the political landscape, adding, “Not about who becomes the next president; I know there are lots of people that are out there that have intentions, but all I can say to them is those of them that have intention must find or place themselves within an institution, because I am a partisan of the Unity Party. You can have people leaving for no reason; that’s why I said it is good to be a part of an institution, especially women, who have intention of contesting these coming elections.”

By Lewis S. The

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