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Senate begged to reconsider CBL nominees

A motion to reconsider the rejection of three officials nominated to positions at the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) has been filed before the Liberian Senate.

Sen. Jonathan Kaipay of Grand Bassa County filed the motion on grounds that the rejected officials are educated and experienced.

Mr. Timothy Thomas, Mr. Richard A. Dolley and Mr. James Dennis were recently rejected by a committee on Finance and Banking at the Liberian Senate following their nominations by President Weah to serve on CBL’s Board of Governors.

They committee further asked the Plenary of the Senate to reject the three officials because none of them was convincing in their testimonies in terms of pro-activeness and robustness to take head on the crippling threat the economic status of the country posses to its citizens in this contemporary dispensation.

However, Sen. Kaipay says nominee Timothy E. Thomas has served for 42 years in the service of Government, which gives him experience in business, administrative procurement, finance and academia.

According to Sen. Kaipay, nominee Thomas served as member on the Board of Directors at the National Security and Social Welfare Cooperation, Director at the General Services Agency, Ambassador at large to the United States to carry on special mission, General Manager at T&T, dealing with buying and selling petroleum products and mining and trading of gold.

The Senator argues further that nominee Thomas was assistant professor and chairman in the Department of Management at the State run – University of Liberia.

Concerning nominee Richard A. Dolley, Sen. Kaipay explains that the official has vast experience in the banking sector, describing him as one of Liberia’s best.

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According to him, Mr. Dolley earns a BSc in Economics from the University of Liberia and Masters of Arts in Economics.

He adds that the nominee holds a certificate in Government Budgetary Analysis, among others.

The Bassa Senator also says nominee James Dennis should be reconsidered because he has 20 years of senior level experience in financial management, Accounting and about 10 years of direct experience in the day – to – day bank operations, systems and controls.

Kaipay believes that Mr. Dennis is competent for the position because he served in different capacities as junior auditor, National Bank of Liberia from 1978-1980.By Ethel A. Tweh—Edited by Winston W. Parley

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