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Senate cites several officials

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The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaThe Liberian Senate has cited several officials to address numerous concerns here, including government’s alleged plans to dismiss “non-essential staff,” the fate of two dismissed health workers and the status of the Roberts International Airport, among others.

Health Minister Dr. Walter T. Gwenigale

Senate Media Director, Jalawa Tonpoe, told UNMIL Radio on Wednesday that Health Minister Dr. Walter T. Gwenigale, was due to have appeared Wednesday, while Civil Service Agency Director George Werner, and RIA Board Chair and Maritime Commissioner  Binyan Kesseley, is to appear today, Thursday, 16 October.

The Senate is citing Mr. Werner to address a recent policy statement attributed to him “regarding the deletion of government employees” who were considered non-essential staff from payroll.

“And so it has claimed the attention of the Liberian Senate, and so they have invited him to come and further justify or provide clarity,” said Mr. Tonpoe.

As for the Maritime boss Kesseley, Tonpoe said he will show “cause” why he should not be held in contempt for allegedly instructing his receptionist at the Roberts International Airport not to receive any communication on Monday, the very day senators had sent a communication inviting him to provide update on the airport’s status.

“According to the report from the joint committee, when the staffer carried the communication, the receptionist of Honorable Binyan Kesseley told the staffer… that Honorable Binyan Kesseley had instructed that on Monday, no communication will be received,” Tonpoe explained. He said the Senate deemed the receptionist’s refusal to accept the communication despite being told that the Senate was inviting Mr. Kesseley as an affront.

The senate spokesman said the Minister of Health Dr. Gwenigale was due to appear yesterday, Wednesday, to provide clarity on two dismissed officials of the Health Workers Association.

He said Dr. Gwenigale’s citation came after his latest pronouncement that the two dismissed health workers will never be reinstated in government as long as he serves as Minister of Health, despite the Senate’s earlier instruction to have the two employees reinstated.

He said the senate’s committee on health will conduct “full detailed report” today, Thursday, and Dr. Gwenigale’s clarity would further determine the senators’ action to be taken against the defiant minister.

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