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Senate is not a Church

Pro-tempore warns

The President Pro-tempore of the Liberian Senate Albert T. Chie has warned Grand Cape Mount County’s newly inducted Senator Victor Varney Watson that the Liberian Senate is not a Church or a court, saying it is a political house and some of the actions taken there are influenced by politics.

Sen. Chie made the comment while welcoming his colleague Sen. Watson to the Upper House of the Legislature Wednesday, 4 December on Capitol Hill.
Chie says Senators are guided by their standing rules, urging Sen. Watson to abide by the Senate’s Standing Rules. According to Pro – tempore Chie, the Senate also relies on precedent cases in conducting its businesses.

Further, Chie explains that upon resumption of the third session of the 54th Legislature, Senator Watson will be placed on some standing committees on which he is expected to give oversight responsibility to agencies of the other two branches of government.

Chie tells Watson that he is expected to join other senators to review the legislation on currency hulking on laws making for the Central Bank to print and replace existing bank notes in a responsible but discrete manner.He warns the new senator that in the senate political party politics will not help him, urging Watson to deal with numbers in the Senate.

Making remarks, the newly inducted Senator Victor Varney Watson says he has joined the Liberian Senate to help provide guidance for the Liberian people.He acknowledges the work that Senator Varney Sherman has been doing for the people of Grand Cape Mount and the Country at large, saying he has come to help Senator Sherman in the same direction.

Senator Watson assures the Liberian Senate that he will cooperate with his colleagues in the best interest of the people of Liberia.“I will follow suit with the late Senator [Edward] Dagoseh, will work in collaboration with Senator Sherman as the late Dagoseh did for the betterment of the people of cape mount,” Senator Watson notes.

He thanks the people of Grand Cape Mount for voting him as their senator, saying it is the best decision that they made and he will not let them down.
He adds that Liberia has many challenges and they were elected to give directions to the Liberian people.By Ethel A. Tweh—Edited by Winston W. Parley

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