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Senate punishes APM Terminals with community services

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The Liberian Senate has ordered APM Terminals to undertake community services at the William V.S. Tubman High School in Sinkor, but fails to define the punishment.

The Senate’s sanction against the company on Wednesday, 14 October followed a contempt hearing against the company for having disrespected the Senate Labor Committee.

The company’s management team and its law Cllr. Golba Elliot of Sherman and Sherman Law Firm made an apology to the Senate in regards to their recent behavior before the full plenary of the Liberian Senate.

Announcing the sanctions, the President Pro- tempore of the Liberian Senate Albert T. Chie says the plenary determined that the management of APM Terminals and it’s lawyer were guilty of obstruction of the functions of the Senate and undermining the authority of the August Body.

“Based on Article 44 of the Constitution, the acts are contemptuous and are punishable by reasonable sanctions,” Mr. Chie says. “The Plenary of the Senate has also determined that this is the first offense of the APM Terminals and it’s lawyer and has also decided to apply… minimum sanctions,” Pro – tempore Chie notes.

Chie says the Senate’s determination regarding the Dock Workers and the APM Terminals, a case in which APM Terminals is accused of disrespecting the Senate committee, will be given at the end of next week.

In a letter of appeal by AMP Terminals’ lawyer Cllr. Golba Elliot, she says the company’s actions were in no way to disrespect the Liberian senate.

She notes that their lead lawyer Cllr. H. Varney Sherman is also a member of the Liberian Senate, adding that if they disrespect that body, that means he’s disrespected as well.

According to Cllr. Elliot, their behavior was not in any way to disturb the workings of the Liberian Senate and it’s oversight responsibility, adding that she and her client did not intend to disrespect the Senate and its Labor Committee.

She says they had tried to explain what happened during the hearing with the Labor Committee and the legal part of it.

“If you conclude that our meeting with the Senate Labor Committee was inappropriate and out of order and also our meeting we had with the full plenary recently, we sincerely apologise for our actions,” Cllr. Elliot concludes.

By Ethel A Tweh–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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