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Senators not my worry

Despite not being in good standing with majority of his colleagues at the Liberian Senate for his controversial advocacy, Margibi County Senator Oscar A. Cooper, now a presidential hopeful, says he is not bothered about their support to his bid to become the next President of Liberia, but the larger voting population.

He made the statement recently on his farm when he spoke to reporters following his petition program.

The Senator was asked about his thought on support from his colleagues for his presidential bid, given that he has been a very critical voice in their midst.

“To answer your question, you need the people, the people of Liberia, that’s where you must be worried about who’s going against you, not your colleagues. We are in it for the people of Liberia. If we have this conversation with the people of Liberia and they want change and they want transformation, it’s the people we are there to satisfy, not my colleagues”, said Senator Cooper, a strong ally of ex-president Taylor.

He was petitioned last week by people representing all 15 counties of Liberia on his farm along the Suakoko highway in Bong County.

When Sen. Cooper started his 20 percent salary reduction campaign in the senate for senators to cut salaries by that percentage to augment civil servants’ salary, many of his colleagues bitterly disagreed and seriously lashed at him.

Some of them at the time said Cooper was seeking favor from the public at their detriment.

The Margibi Senator was subsequently relieved of his post as Chairman on Public Works under the leadership of Senate President Pro-Tempore Armah Jallah.

But political pundits in Margibi think Cooper may not succeed in his endeavor for the presidency, if he continued on the current path because political works require consolidated effort; not a one man’s thing.

It is believed that majority of the senators will campaign against him in their various counties, on grounds that he does not have a good standing with them at the level of the Liberian Senate.

Moreover, not a single senator was present at his petition ceremony, and he has intoned that he is not bothered about them. Recently, Senator Cooper did not attend an extraordinary sitting of the senate called by President Sirleaf, claiming that it was unconstitutional, but instead, attended an intellectual forum in Weala.

Senator Cooper said he rejected a sitting fee given to him for the extra sitting and further instructed that his share of the fee should be placed in government revenue.

He also described his colleagues as being greedy, for going to take what he referred to as “free money” for special sitting.


Written by Ramsey N. Singbeh, Jr. in Margibi

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