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Senior LNP officer to launch Criminal Justice text book

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A Book caption “Introduction to Liberia Criminal Justice System”: A Concise Edition authored by Ambrues Monboe Nebo Sr is soon to be launched as a textbook for undergraduate students reading Criminal Justice and active Criminal Justice practitioners including lecturers of Criminal Justice Probably for the first of its kind, this textbook replaced Western textbooks that do not directly provide contextual Knowledge specific to Liberia Criminal Justice System (CJS).

This makes it difficult for students who lacks the contextual skills to translate or apply Western concepts to Liberia CJS.

For this reason, this concise edition introduces students to the nature and scope of Liberia CJS. Particularly, it focuses on the three components (Liberia National Police, Circuit Courts/Criminal Courts, and the Bureau of Correction and Rehabilitation) of Liberia CJS. It also provides a comprehensive overview of Law Enforcement in Liberia including brief overview of Liberia Security Architecture.

About the Author
AmbruesMonboe Nebo Sr has completed all academic requirements, awaiting to finalize the administrative processes to receive the degree in Doctorate of Sociology (D.Sc.) with a GPA of 4.00 (Summa Cum Laude) from Atlantic International University, Hawaii, USA. He is currently the Commissioner of Police for Administration (Unit 104) with 15 years of experience in training and administration.

He is also a part-time lecturer in the Department of Sociology, African Methodist Episcopal University, Criminal Justice Department, Adventist University of West Africa, Liberia and Department of Political Science, University of Liberia.

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