Several businesses ransacked in Waterside

Several business owners in the commercial province of Waterside alarm of criminals ransacking their businesses and stores at night.

They explain there is no security for their investments though they all pay taxes to government.
More than four stores down Waterside have reportedly been burglarized by criminals, making away with thousands of United States Dollars and goods.

Residents of Waterside and Water Street narrate to journalists that unknown men normally go at night in vehicle to loot businesses.

“For us, we are living in fear because when those guys come to loot and they notice anyone spying them, such person can be fired at because they carry arms,” Morris Yekeh, a resident explains.

Some Lebanese nationals operating businesses there have also been victimized by criminals.
Lamin Faya Bassana, a Labanese national who operates Rainbow Enterprise, importer of used clothes discloses his store was looted by some unknown men carrying arms.

“I was called by people living around here that there were people bursting my store; I immediately called the police 911 number for intervention but no one answered. The next day, I came and met my store burst into with some of my goods stolen and US$2,500 alone with L$150,000 taken away by them.” He explains.

Another Lebanese businessman involved in wholesale of dry goods also alarms of insecurity of his business.

He says there is serious fear, because criminals are taking advantage of the insecurity to continuously steal from them.

“Our businesses are not protected, and we are taxpayers, waterside is now risky at night.”
The latest victim of the criminals ransack is the Atlantic Used Clothing on Water Street.
On August 14, 2018 at about 11PM, criminals hit the Atlantic Used Clothing near Slip-Way Police depot.

According to eyewitnesses, the criminals came in a vehicle, carrying arms and burst into the store.
The proprietor of the Atlantic Used Clothing, Patrick Yamak expresses fear about his investment.
He says his business was spared because neighbors alarmed, which led the criminals to flee the scene.

“I am shock to see my place to be burst into when the police station is just next door to my store,” he notes.

“If this will be happening right before the eyes of the police, then it’s worrisome, for us the business people,” he explains.

He, however, calls on the Liberia National Police to increase patrol at night in Waterside and its environs.

Patrick stresses that when there is security of their businesses, more investment corridors will be opened for the country.

“If this continue on our businesses, those from outside will be afraid to come and invest in Liberia, so, the police need to do more to protect our businesses because we are taxpayers,” he emphasizes.
Some of the businesses that were also reportedly looted in Waterside include Kalinko Business Center, Samford and Sons, Liberia Fixer Limited, among others.

By Ethel A. Tweh–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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