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Several communities submerged

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Composite photos of several flooded communities along with a resident Mr. Musa M Dulleh and community chairman Nathaniel P Johnson in Kakata As a result of continuous torrential downpour in Kakata City, Margibi County the Benla River in the provincial city has overflown its bank into several communities, submerging several homes and leaving hundreds of citizens homeless with properties and money destroyed.

Several communities

About five communities have been affected, including World Bank Community, Miss Moore Community, Benla Community, Kissi Community and Gotumota Community, among others. Movement of people and vehicles in these communities has been impeded, forcing residents to leave carrying along some personal effects.

The loss incurred from the flood is estimated at thousands of United States Dollars. Some residents were seen using buckets and tubs to throw water out of their houses, while others could not withstand the disaster and left from their homes.

One of the victims from the Benla Community Mr. Musa M. Dulleh, narrated that the ordeal was a midnight misfortune that attacked residents while they were in bed only to wake up and see their houses besieged like they were built in a river.

He described the situation as really embarrassing, adding that they do not know how to handle it, something which has led them to call on the county authorities, especially District Lawmaker Ben A. Fofana to go to their aid.

According to him, this is the first experience of residents of Benla and Miss Moore Communities along the Bong Mines road. Mr. Dulleh blamed the situation on a bridge built by the China Union Mining Company operating in Lower Bong County in the area few years ago.

He claimed during the construction of the Bong Mines Road few years ago, a bridge connecting Miss Moore Community and Benla Community was relocated closer to their houses and also narrowly constructed. Another victim from the same community, Mr. Nathanial P. Johnson expressed fear over the flooding of the Benla River, stating that they are living in total fear because the rainy season is still here with heavy downpour in Margibi everyday.

Mr. Johnson narrated that at night, dangerous animals such as snakes, craw into homes.  He lamented that nearly all his household materials, including television set, mattresses, generator and cash, among others got damaged.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Miss Moore Community Mr. Francis B. Kamara blamed China Union and authorities of Margibi for the continuous flooding being experienced in their communities. Chairman Kamara narrated that during the construction of the Benla Bridge he and some residents went and met with some authorities of Margibi, including Resident Engineer Sylvester Zogar on the relocation of the bridge with warning that this could have caused problem for residents along the river bank in Kakata, but they never listened.

According to him, the authorities told them this was purely a technical job, requiring high concentration so they needed no disturbance or interruption.

By Ramsey n. Singbeh, Jr in Margibi -Editing by Jonathan Browne 

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