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Several officials indicted

The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaThe Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission or LACC has forwarded names of several officials to the Justice Ministry for probable prosecution for alleged mismanagement of public funds and corruption.

Cllr. James N. Verdier, LACC Chairman

The list includes Sinoe County Superintendent J. Milton Teajay, who has been booked by the Anti-Corruption Commission for not following guidelines of the Public Procurement and Concession Commission in awarding contract to renovate the James E. Green Sport Stadium in Greenville, Sinoe County.

The LACC also recommends that former executives of the National Oil Company of Liberia, specifically, Clemenceau Urey and Cllr. Steven Dunbar, be charged for bribery, misappropriation of entrusted property, criminal facilitation and economic sabotage over an amount of US$50,000.

Grand Cape Mount County senatorial candidate and former NOCAL president, Dr.  Foday Kromah,has also been charged for bribery, misappropriation of entrusted property, criminal facilitation and economic sabotage for the amount of US$118,000.

Former CDC lawmaker Madam Alomesa Bah Innus is similarly indicted for bribery, criminal facilitation and misapplication of US$40,000, while the Secretary of the Liberian Senate, Robert Saygbe, is in the LACC dragnet for receiving bribe of US$2,000.00 in the same case.

The LACC noted that these individuals were involved in alleged negotiation between the NOCAL and the legislature during lobby by the former to have the lawmakers legislate an oil bill. Montserrado County District #2 Representative Sakou Kanneh, is also indicted by the LACC for alleged fraud over a deal with the Donkan Gas Station.

Addressing a weekly press briefing at the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism in Monrovia, the chairperson of the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission, Cllr. James N. Verdier, also said that the Commission on Higher Education at the Ministry of Education has been similarly indicted for receiving government money for plane ticket and per dim for a trip abroad that was never executed.

The LACC noted that some of the monies involved can be restituted by the individuals involved if they so desired, adding that if not, they should face prosecution. He added that it is about time that all Liberians join forces to combat the corruption virus, soliciting the involvement of whistle blowers, as effective strategy to help curb the practice, particularly in the public sector.

He vowed that the LACC will go after anyone in public office that is linked to corruption. Cllr.Verdier said corruption has been parading the Liberian society since the country’s Independence in 1847.

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