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Several reject Family Planning in Ganta

Several health workers at the K.L. Foundation Clinic in Ganta, Nimba County have faced serious attack from family members and partners or boyfriends of school-going girls and women for providing Family Planning education. 

Reports say patients themselves go to the clinic to get family planning education and prescription in order to protect themselves from early or unwanted pregnancy. Health workers at the clinic said on a daily basis they have been attacked by aggrieved parents and male partners for administering family planning or contraceptives to their wives and girls.

According to our Nimba correspondent, the K.L. Foundation Clinic is a private facility run by the Government of Liberia, and this is the first experience for health workers there to face attack from the public for carrying out their work.

The clinic charges a minimum of 100 Liberia Dollars per adult for registration, while kids are required to pay 50LD. Family Planning prescribes various contraceptives, including pills and condones for adults and teenagers engaged in active sex, but not ready to have children.

Our Nimba correspondent said an unknown man last Friday, 12 August entered the clinic where his wife had gone to get family planning prescription and disrupted normal activities there on grounds that he is not supportive of the process.

According to him, his wife needs to have more children for him so she should not be prevented from getting pregnant.  The man, who refused to be identified, said he was totally against family planning and would not allow his wife to take contraceptives.

By Franklin Doloquee, Nimba -Editing by Jonathan Browne

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