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Sex videos spark protest in Southeast Liberia

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Ghanaian nationals’ alleged sex videos are reportedly on the increase on social media in Southeastern Liberia with citizens in Sinoe, River Gee, and Grand Kru Counties, among others demanding central government to bring alleged perpetrators to book.

The situation is causing many women to be losing their relationship with their husbands. Some of the women, who spoke to this paper in Grand Kru, Sinoe and River Gee counties on condition anonymity, describe the alleged sex video on social media as very embarrassing.

Sources explain that despite protest women groups, other counties are silent. “Not because we give in to them so we should be disgraced and lost our homes, when they will not marry us, because they came to look for money here and they will carry all to their home (Ghana)”, one source lament in River Gee County.

“Even if our children are carrying on commercial sex work with these guys, they got no right to disgrace our daughters like that, but we are calling on the government to put end to illegal mining activities by Ghanaians and other foreign nationals. They should stop immediately”, another source from Joweken, a gold mine in River Gee, demands.

Meanwhile, Sinoe County women groups are vigorously engaging local authorities to halt ongoing mining activities in the county. The women call on the Liberia National Police to arrest and prosecute Ghanaian nationals involved in the act.

A concerned citizen of Grand Kru County condemns the alleged behavior of Ghanaians photographing Liberian girls and Grand Kru girls in particular.
Davidson Gbolo, an instructor at the Barclayville Central High School notes that the action allegedly carried out by the Ghanaians is unfortunate and has the propensity to damage the characters of Liberian women for life.
He alleges some of the Ghanaians, who have sexual intercourse with Liberian girls preferred to disgrace them by videotaping their private parts and posting the videos on social media for public view.
Mr. Gbolo wants appreciate actions taken by relevant authority of government to serve as deterrence to those taking pleasure in disgracing Liberian girls publicly. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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