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Sex Workers in Dog Fight Over Costumer

A local shop, ‘Dealta Booz’ at the GSA Road Junction in Paynesville was a dramatic scene when two commercial sex workers were locked in a real dog fight over a man believed to be their costumer.

According to eyewitnesses, one of the girls only identified as Getrude, 14, negotiated with her costumer(man) at the GSA Junction for short time for a fee of LD$125 plus LD$50 for the motel room.

But Getrude said while she and her costumer were on their way to the motel room around the Dealta Booz shop, she left her costumer to collect her condom in the shop, but to her greatest surprise upon return, she saw Princess and her costumer in conversation. Princess, in her late 20s,  is said to be one of the well-known commercial sex workers in the GSA Dealta Booz area.

“I saw them talking; I thought she was negotiating with him to go with him too, but not knowing they have agreed to go and leave me alone after I hustled for my costumer,” she noted.

Both Princess and the man agreed on LD$75 for short time and LD$50 in the absence of Getrude, who was the initial costumer.  But Getrude could not allow her costumer to be taken away by Princess. She engaged Princess to know what was going on, but the latter’s response was not satisfactory.

Both girls then got in a serious fight, something that attracted the attention of bystanders.

According to Getrude, this was not Princess’ first time taking away her costumer. “Maybe she feels I am a little girl so she’s taking disadvantage of me, or because I am just coming into the business. Whatever she can do, I can even do it better”, she explained in tears.

Girls between ages 13 and 14 are mostly seen in the GSA area selling sex for LD$50 and beyond. Our reporter who visited the scene, said he was also engaged by so many teenage girls, who wanted short time.

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Some of them explained to this paper that they were on the streets because they are self-supported, while others said this was their only means of survival.

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