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Shame on AMEU – Rep. Forh

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The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaThe former President of the African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU), Rep. Edward Forh, has termed as “shame and disgrace” on the part of  AMEU for graduating students who didn’t complete full academic requirements.

Rep. Forh, who once served as acting President of the school, said the action by the school authority and the Commission on Higher Education is a complete mockery of education.

He called on Liberians to join him in condemning the act, describing it as an embarrassment that does not need to be embraced by the students themselves.    

Speaking to reporters at his residence, the Montserrado County lawmaker frowned on the head of the Commission on Higher Education, Michael P. Slawon, for giving his approbation to the AME University to allow those students to graduate.

He called on the government, through the Education Ministry, to thoroughly investigate the matter. Rep Forh said if government confirms that the AMEU got approval from the Commission on Higher Education to allow those students to graduate, ”then Michael Slawon needs to resign, because he cannot allow our education system to be mocked by people in the Diaspora. You cannot see that in any part of the world – to allow students to graduate and come back to complete courses not completed before giving them degrees”.

He noted that those students that have problems with the school should not consider themselves as graduates of the entity, adding that the school authority should refund the students money paid as graduation fees.

He explained that he will consult his colleagues in the House of Representatives to write the Ministry of Education on the issue and, at the same time, he urged institutions of higher learning not emulate the bad examples of the AMEU.

It has been reported by the media and confirmed by the authority of AME University that several students who were allowed to graduate did not complete some of their courses or did not fulfill the academic requirements.

But the school authority said the students, who have deficiencies in the school, as they relate to their courses, will graduate and afterward go back to school and complete those courses before getting their degree.

The New Dawn have received a credible reports that some of those students involve have up to 6cridits hours courses to complete before graduating but the school have granted them graduation.

Meanwhile, Christopher Hayes Onanuga, Managing Director of the National Center for Excellence and Creativity (NCEC), has called for the rejection of all the graduates at any institution of work or further learning.

NCEC, in a press statement released yesterday, further condemns the administration of AMEU for allegedly allowing unqualified students to graduate with others who are qualified by completing their studies.

NCEC argues that over 10 students who did not complete their individual studies as prescribed by the school and the Ministry of Education graduated on November 30, 2011, at the institution’s 2011 convocation. The center urges on all well-meaning Liberians and learning institutions to condemn the shameful history set by AMEU, shameful history  that lacks any justifications.

Moreover, the NCEC calls for the immediate dismissal of any member of the class who may be employed at any institution in Liberia or any part of the world, on grounds that their university credentials are counterfeit and obtained fraudulently.

“NCEC believes such action against members of the class will express to the administration of AMEU the dissatisfaction of Liberian employers,” the center said.

The center says it is deeply troubled that the Government of Liberia, through its commission on higher education and Education Ministry, could allow such ugly and disgraceful act to be noted in the nation’s history.

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