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-Sen. Wesseh brands UP

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A stalwart of the former ruling Unity Party, Senator ConmanyWesseh of River Gee County has described as shameful a recent action by the party taking some of its partisans to the Supreme Court.

Former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Sen. Wesseh, Mrs. Atty. Medina Wesseh, former national secretary general Patrick Worzi were expelled from the party for what officials said were lack of support from them during the 2017 Presidential and Representatives elections.

But the board of commissioners at the National Elections Commission has since ruled that those expelled be reinstated without delay or any conditions.
However, the Unity Party national chairman, Mr. Wilmot Paye and chairman emeritus, Senator Varney Sherman took an appeal to seek legal redress before the full bench of the Liberian Supreme Court.

Speaking to the NewDawn Tuesday, July 16, at his Capitol Building office in Monrovia, Sen. Wesseh said those that took the matter before the Supreme Court are not stalwarts of the party but pretending to be leaders of the Unity Party who do not have the interest of the party at heart, insteadthey want to score political points and create more division among partisans.

Narrating furthered, Sen. Wesseh said, the meetings that expelled them were unconstitutional and did not meet the required quorum to have taken such decision in accordance with the party’s constitution.

He noted that during the constitution of the campaign team for the election of Vice President Joseph NyumahBoakai who was taking over from his boss, former President Sirleaf, influential people including Madam Sirleaf, himself and others were kicked out of the process, giving them no alternative to serve.

The decision of expulsion of a woman who led the party to victory is a bad signal and terrible thing to do to someone who had brought the Unity Party to political limelight.
He intimated that Madam Sirleaf led the party to two successive elections for 12 years-first of its kind in the history of the party since its establishment.

He added that if those expelled were not as important and left out during the electoral process while expelled them and shift blame of defeat on them after leaving them out during the electoral process-that’s ‘shameful’ on the part of the leadership of the Unity Party.

The qualification of the Unity Party by the National Elections Commission to have come second place behind the Coalition for Democratic Change was best position to have mobilized people to win, “but, look at the result, 14 of the 15 counties were won by the Coalition for Democratic Change that we defeated twice. But our party spent time all the time in the court making a case that wouldn’t have benefited the Unity Party anyway. If the Supreme Court had ruled for the rerun of the entire electoral process, the Unity Party would have been a loser,” he added.

He told the New Dawnconference that the choice of running to court was a ‘bad judgment’ especially for the vice president who serves under Madam Sirleaf to have supported the idea.

“The Unity Party as a political party campaigned against itself during the 2017 elections by kicking influential people who had the capacity of turn the table around during such crucial national electoral period. The Unity Party longer time in the court crying electoral fraud, that time should have been used to mobilize the people but to join a third placer was terrible,” he concluded.By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor

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