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Sheikh Kromah threatens legal action against detractors

Sheikh Askary Musa Kromah Executive Director of the Ahlu-Bay(AS) Assembly for Development in LiberiaThe Executive Director of the Ahlu-Bay (AS) Assembly for Development in Liberia Sheikh Askary Musa Kromah threatens to take “detractors” who are undermining effort of his institution to court.

Ahlu-Bay is an Arabic phrase that literally means, “People of the House” or “Family of the House”. Within the Islamic tradition, the term refers to the family of Prophet Muhammad. Sheikh Kromah says Ahlu-Bay (AS) Assembly for Development in Liberia operates several academic institutions across the country with affordable fees that enable parents and guardians who cannot afford to send their children to schools that are charging exorbitant fees.

According to him, detractors are also discriminating against them because they are Shi’a Muslims, something he notes, is completely wrong.He says no one has power to dictate to anyone who to worship or how to worship as Prophet Muhammad himself believed that freedom of religion and civic rights are important components of religion.

Sheikh Kromah, who is also Country Representative of Ahlu-Bay (AS) Assembly for Development of the World here, issued the threat on Monday, 05 November on the campus of the Nobel Prophet Islamic and English school in Dual Community, Bushrod Island during program marking 40-day anniversary of the Martyrdom of Imam Hussein.

According to him, while they are trying their very best in providing almost free education to Liberian children, detractors are edgily going to their various schools, allegedly discouraging students already enrolled to leave the institution for reasons best known to them.

He calls on parents and guardians, including students not to give credence to these calls because they not in the interest of the future of Liberia. Meanwhile, Sheikh Kromah is appealing to government for subsidy because the Ahlu-Bay (AS) Assembly for Development in Liberia school system is also buttressing the Liberian government educational system.Sheikh Kromah threatens legal action against detractors –Editing by Jonathan Browne

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