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Sheriff linked to drug sale

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The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaThe Drugs Enforcement Agency or DEA office in Maryland County, southeast Liberia has launched a manhunt for the Chief Sheriff of the Pleebo Magisterial Court in Pleebo City, Maryland James Hinneh, for allegedly being in possession of narcotic drugs, including cocaine and marijuana.

The DEA reportedly arrested the drugs in the home Sheriff Hinneh, while recently executing a search warrant from the Gedetarbo Magisterial Court.  The chief of operations of the DEA detachment in Maryland, Favor Smoker, said during the search and seizer, the Agency arrested several raps of cocaine, a can of marijuana and materials used to take in harmful substances in the home of Sheriff James Hinneh after a search and seized warrant was served the DEA by the court.

In an interview with this writer, she said the search warrant came as a result of several tipoffs from citizens in Pleebo that Sheriff Hinneh was involved in the sale and use of harmful substance in his Bassa community residence in Pleebo City.

The DEA Maryland detachment has put the value of the drugs arrested from the Sheriff’s home at US$200 and 10,000 LRD, respectively.  According to Chief of operations Smoker, Sheriff Hinneh has been an obstacle to DEA combating drugs in Pleebo City.

Madam Smoker alleged that Sheriff Hinneh has been in the habit of alerting drugs dealers and users to escape whenever DEA is about to raid their homes and business places for drugs.

She also said the Pleebo Magisterial Court has not been fair in dispensing justice in cases taken to court by the DEA, disclosing that often alleged drugs dealers and users sent to court are in no time back in the community and they are the very ones who allegedly threaten DEA officers.

When contacted, the Magistrate of the Pleebo Magisterial Court A. BoyeeMah dismissed the claim as far from the truth, terming it as mere fallacy that is only intended to tarnish his good reputation as a trained and experience magistrate.However, Magistrate Mah regretted the alleged act of his Chief Sheriff James Hinneh, and called on him to appear in court to prove his innocence and exonerate himself from the charges.

Meanwhile, the Gerdetarbo magisterial court under the watchful eyes of acting Stipendiary Magistrate JeffordTogborh has issued an arrest order for suspect James Hinneh.
Law enforcement agencies in the county have mandated to arrest Sheriff Hinneh and bring his living body so that he may have his days in a court of competent jurisdiction.
Report gathered by this paper, says the Judge of the 4th Circuit Court in Maryland Nelson Tokpah, has suspended Sheriff James Hinneh, pending investigation.

By George K. Momo from Maryland -Editing by Jonathan Browne


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