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The national chairman of President George Weah’s ruling Coalition for Democratic Change Mulbah Morlu issues a stinking attack against critics here, telling them to “shut up” if their criticism lacks evidence and facts.

“Those that are criticizing this government should come with pieces of evidence and facts or else they shut up and spend some time in finding evidence before engaging the talk shows and newspapers, because we the government have gone beyond their expectations and the only thing they are engaged into now is, tread on lies and fallacy.”

He explains that President Weah came to the presidency with clean hands, void of corruption, and as a millionaire, who worked tirelessly days and night to accrue his wealth, adding, “This is the first of kind for Liberia to have a president, who is a millionaire and clean person.”

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Chairman Morlu speaking in an interview with this paper yesterday, May 9, at the CDC headquarters in Congo Town outside central Monrovia notes that recent allegations that Minister of State for Presidential Affairs purchased a mansion at the cost of US$200,000, and that the Weah-led hasn’t achieved any tangibles in his 100 days in office are myths, fallacy and totally disjointed lies.

The Vice Chairman of the opposition Liberty Party, Darious Dillon and others have actively criticized the government for allegedly underperforming in its first 100 days in office.

Dillon also criticized the president for failure to declare his asset since his ascendency to the Liberian presidency, which has led his officials to renege in declaring theirs, something, he describes as a signal of bad governance.

Morlu, who just returned from the United States of America, says comments coming from opposition politicians are attempts to create noise even when there is nothing to say or criticize.

According to him, the Weah government has achieved lots than expected, pointing to retrieving of government’s vehicles that former officials attempted taking away, breaking grounds for the 14 Military Hospital, feasibility studies of Bailey Island for the construction of a new Monrovia, payment of examination fees for 12th graders, 25 percent salary cut, plan construct Doe Community Road, among others, that past leaders could not have achieved in 1000 days.

He says the performance of the Weah’s government has beaten the imagination of the opposition community, and the forward match of the government is unstoppable.

Morlu continues that Weah’s achievement on the football field is a clear indication that the CDC-led government is destined to achieve. Commenting on his trip to the United States, the CDC chair reveals that he has secured four scholarships from the Chinese government for CDC’s partisans and additional four from the United States for advance studies.

He thanks the United States government, European Union and the Chinese government for the high level of support to the Weah government.

By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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