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Sierra Leone Vice President addresses Liberian Senate

By Ethel A Tweh

Sierra Leone Dr. Mohammed Juldeh Jalloh has stressed the need for African leaders to make their countries attractive for investors.

He stressed that no investor goes to a country to offer free gifts but “to do business and make a profit, so you have to make your country competitive for them to come and invest or else, they’ll go to the other continents.”

Addressing the Liberia Senate Tuesday, October 26 in Monrovia, Dr. Jalloh said the reason a lot of businesses are going to Asia is that countries there are investment competitive. 

According to him, the late Prime Minister of Ethiopia once told him that one way to attract investors is to make food cheap, saying “When food is cheap, labor will be cheap.”

According to him, when investors go to a country and pay small money for labor, that small money will enable citizens there to get food on their tables because the food will be cheap. 

Middle (l-R) VP Howard-Taylor, VP Jalloh and Pro-Temp Chie

He noted that Liberia and Sierra Leone renewed their relationship and they are open to learning from each other for the betterment of both countries.

Highlighting some achievements since the Government of Sierra Leone came to power in 2018, he said his country now has 2.6 million kids in school, and the government is paying their fees, buying learning materials for them as well as supporting them with transportation by buying school buses. 

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He added that in certain communities that are stressed for the children, the Government of Sierra Leone provides food for the children in those areas, and the Ministry of Education in his country is divided into two: Basic Education and Higher Education. 

Dr. Jalloh added that in strengthening the relationship between Sierra Leone and Liberia, he will be meeting with Liberia’s Minister of Health Doctor Wilhelmina Jallah to see if they can send a team from Sierra Leone to Liberia to help in the health sector here.

However, the Sierra Leonean VP said when it comes to food production that would be difficult because of the road network, adding that his country has small-scale farmers that produce a lot of food but they lack access to the market. 

According to him, his government is also working along with opposition lawmakers in passing bills in parliament, saying “When the President is leaving the country, he carries an opposition lawmaker with him and in the presence of investors or international partners, that opposition lawmaker will have no option but to praise the President.”

Thanking the Vice President of Sierra Leone for his address, the President Pro-Tempore of the Liberian Senate Albert T. Chie recalled that in 2018, he attended the inauguration of the present Sierra Leonean government in Freetown where saw both the ruling and opposition parties together, saying that it shows some level of coordination.

He also added that the Government of Liberia is willing to work with the Government and people of Sierra Leone to strengthen bilateral relationships while embracing the idea of Sierra Leonean medical practitioners coming to Liberia to help in the health sector. https://thenewdawnliberia.com/senate-probes-mia-payroll/Editing by Jonathan Browne

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