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Signs of trouble

-Cllr. LavelaKoboi Johnson alarms

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Former Justice Minister Cllr. Lavela Koboi Johnson has outlined serious casualties under the George Weah led – government that he claims have gone with impunity, and alarms of signs of trouble here.

“We wish to catalogue few [incidents] that remain fresh on the minds of every Liberian, wherein the government has made promises of bringing the perpetrators to book only to realize that after few weeks, those [incidents] become history and those that are killed or effected in the process become only casualty of George Weah led government,” Cllr. Johnson says.

Speaking Tuesday, 4 August at the offices of his law firm, Cllr. Johnson cautions Liberians to be mindful of the level of violence being perpetrated in the country with impunity, noting that the war has long been over, yet, Liberians continue to experience a pattern of violence which are the early warning signs that if not averted, put the country on a timed bomb.

Cllr. Johnson warns that the country may gradually slip into severe chaos unprecedented in Liberia’s history, as he recalls the Montserrado County District #13 incident in Gardnersville, noting that the ruling party Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) youth league chair and Monrovia Mayor Jefferson Kogee allegedly led his CDC youth wing to participate in a violence.

He explains that Koijee and the CDC youth wing were visibly seen participating in the violence that unfolded with no results of investigation by the government made public for the Liberian people to know the decision taken by the government.

He states that President Weah had commissioned an investigation into that incident, just for the record. Additionally, Cllr. Johnson says CDC supporters were allegedly involved in another violence in District #15 of Montserrado against opposition Representative candidate Ms. Tela Urey who was only exercising her political franchise as a bona fide Liberian with all the requisite qualifications to participate in the democratic process here.

“The violence in District 10 on the road wherein a group known as sabu unit, and protector of President Weah invaded Representative YekehKolubah’s party where individuals got wounded,” he continues.

“Again, no investigation or punishment against the perpetrator has ever been launched. The 72nd broad day fatal shooting of an innocent lady by a police officer is another example of violence which occurred under the watchful eyes of President Weah and the Liberian people remain witnesses to his inaction in all of these instances,” Johnson narrates.

The former Justice Minister continues that CDC supporters also flogged Deputy Police Inspector General for Operations Marvin Sackor at the CDC party headquarters, and yet the public is left at sea on what action the government has taken on that incident.

Cllr. Johnson further points out the recent violence carried out in Grand Gedeh County against opposition Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) delegation in Zwedru.

He says he joins all the peace – loving Liberians to vehemently condemn the cowardly act of all those who perpetrated the violence on the CPP delegation that was ending its southeastern tour.

“Mr. President, your true colors are showing very fast and it appears that you need to be yourself and don’t let power or the authority take over your ability to govern this country,” Cllr. Johnson cautions President Weah. He notes that the president cannot successfully govern this country if he sits idle and allow violence to take over Liberia.

“what I can promise you Mr. President is that Liberia as a country will no longer sit idle for chaos to overtake its territory and you as the president will provide peace, stability, unity and tranquility during your term of office or we will demand of it from you through the rule of law and by the very oath you took to preside over this country as its president,” Cllr. Johnson says. He states that one cannot complain about the heat while in the kitchen, saying the president has no excuse from providing that leadership that he fought for over 12 unbroken years.

“Liberians will not take your excuses to the market at all,” Cllr. Johnson warns. According to Cllr. Johnson, he gathered information that Grand Gedeh County Superintendent Kai Farley allegedly told Representative Kolubah and the CPP delegation to leave Grand Gedeh County because the people of the county did not want them there.

By Ben P. Wesee–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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