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SIM Registration Festival goes to Cape Mount

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Lonestar Cell MTN seems not to be relenting in its efforts to register its subscribers as mandated by the government of Liberia through the Liberia Telecommunications Authority (LTA). Though the deadline set by the LTA, Oct. 18, has come and gone, Lonestar Cell MTN continues to intensify its efforts to reach subscribers in remote parts of the country.

The last several weeks and months witnessed Lonestar Cell MTN SIM Registration Festivals in several counties and cities as far as Lofa, with thousands of subscribers registering their SIM cards.

Over the weekend, Lonestar Cell MTN Staff and Foot Soldiers were in Grand Capemount County holding SIM Registration Festivals in Robertsport, Bome, Senje and Bo Waterside. Today, the SIM Registration Festival continues in Tewor and other surrounding towns and villages.

According to Lonestar Cell MTN, over 500,000 subscribers have registered their SIM cards and hundreds of jobs created in the process. It is estimated that with the SIM Registration going from county to county,  the nation’s leader in converged telecommunications with the best network, widest coverage and fastest mobile internet is set to accomplish the task of registering all its subscribers should the LTA, as is being asked by many, extend the SIM registration deadline.

Many subscribers continue to express satisfaction over the approach adopted by Lonestar Cell MTN to give them access to the registration process without having to travel all the way to Monrovia to do same.

Meanwhile, SIM Registration activities continue in all the counties where subscribers can go to any Lonestar Cell MTN office and register or do so with any of the many Lonestar Cell MTN Foot Soldiers currently deployed.

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