Sime Darby Constructs 23 Housing Units

The Malaysian owned company Sime Darby, operating the rubber plantation in both Bomi and Grand Cape Mount counties has begun constructing 23 housing units for junior and senior staffers on the plantation.

Speaking to reporters during a tour of the site last week Friday in Grand Cape County, the General Manager for Estate, Augustine Aliue, said two of the estates are already completed while the rest are nearing completion.

He noted that the long-term plan of the company is to construct 60 housing unit throughout the concession areas in both counties. Mr. Aliue said management was making serious effort to have the housing units completed before the Charismas holiday.

He indicated one of the estates (Matambo Estate) contains modern clinic, daycare center, and junior high school along with a center for various sports, including football, basketball, among others.

According to him, besides the ‘modern housing units’ the company is the highest paid concession company in Liberia, claiming that Sime Darby pays a daily wage of US$5.00, something he said has increased the workforce at the plantation.

Mr. Aliue noted that after 15 years of civil crisis in Liberia, the management of Sime Darby has deemed it necessary to raise income of Liberians in its employ. He disclosed that management has already planted about 70,000 rubber trees, while thousands more are on nursery.

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