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Simeon Freeman descends on CPP

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The Political leader of the opposition Movement for Progressive Change (MPC) Mr. Simeon Freeman believes that the political leaders of the four Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) do not have what it takes to be advocates of the Liberian people.

“For how long will our citizens allow themselves to be used by the wrong actors, and I think these are factors that are responsible for the continued hardship that they are facing because they allow themselves to be used,” Freeman said Monday, 15 June via mobile on Prime FM.

He claims that the four Collaborating Political Parties don’t have anything new to offer the Librarian people because they are the same people who just left power. He argues that CPP leaders are now portraying themselves to be advocates for Liberians, saying you don’t necessarily have to be seeking power before you turn to be an advocate.

At the same time, Simeon Freeman blames Liberians for being the main architect of their failures on the basis of the alleged bad decisions that he says they continue to make in the country. He laments that whenever they are nearing an election, Liberians will forget to make decisions that will uplift their lives, instead of making decisions that will subject them to abject poverty.

According to him, all those that are claiming to be advocates for Liberians were here and did nothing when the past regime allegedly looted the wealth of the country. Because they left power, he alleges that these advocates are now embarking on another journey, saying all of their actions are meant to fool Liberians.

While he criticizes the collaborating opposition parties, Freeman says his MPC party is not anxious nor hungry to form part of alliance with a group of people who don’t have a good and clear intention for the country.

BY Lewis S. Teh –Edited by Winston W. Parley

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