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Sino-Liberia Relations Is a Re-enforcement of Liberia’s Transformation

The recent bilateral talks between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf may be a re-enforcement of the already existing Sino-Liberia Relations.

The talks produced several areas of partnership and cooperation, as well as resulted to the signing of three bilateral agreements, with assurance by the Chinese Government that all outstanding projects in Liberia will be fully implemented as scheduled.

President Sirleaf’s intervention to the Chinese President and Premier during her week-long state visit which ended last Friday, November 6, 2015 had earlier been partnership, collaboration and support in four key areas to include fast-tracking and completion of all outstanding projects, investment in the mining, fishery and agricultural sectors, as well as processing of felled rubber wood into valuable furniture and value addition to rubber product.

As indicated by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, China, no doubt, has the effective technologies for high yield in agro-business and rice production, which when harnessed, can help Liberia create jobs for the young people, ensure food sufficiency and achieve food security.

Practical and sincere intervention in the listed areas on the part of the two sides – the Chinese Government and Liberian Government, will buttress economic growth, of course, providing thousands of jobs for Liberians. She also sought Chinese investors’ interest in a steel production industry as a means of ensuring that value addition to iron ore can take place in Liberia in addition to the exportation of the iron ore.

The Chinese Premier also agreed with President Sirleaf that investment in agriculture in addition to fishery, wood processing and manufacturing, complimented by a massive re-planting program, as well as the establishment of processing industries to add value to the many natural resources the country is endowed with, can certainly transform the country.

From all indications and considering the recommitment and additional commitments by the authorities of the People’s Republic of China, Liberians may be well assured of the accrued benefits of Sino-Liberia Relations.

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With the expressed good-will and preparedness of the Chinese Government, it must now be incumbent on the Government of Liberia not only to follow up, but to ensure scrupulous and practical implementation of these programs and projects hatching from the just-ended bilateral talks.

While President Sirleaf must be commended for these bilateral initiatives with China in the interest of Liberia’s transformation, it is hope that she will also ensure that those in whom she imposed confidence live up to the expectations of the Liberian people for the next two years by implementing every aspect of the areas of assistance from the Government and people of the People’s Republic of China.

Madam President must also be mindful that as her administration approaches the close of its tenure, officials of her government would want to “knock-out or make their last breaks” with whatever that is entrusted with them for national development – this is where she must be very careful in terms of monitoring projects and programs growing out her development initiatives and assistance from the Chinese Government.


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