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Sinoe Citizens Resist Ellen’s Appointments

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President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf  over the weekend appointed at least 23 persons to various positions in Sinoe County, ranking from district superintendents, commissioners and mayors, but the appoints are being opposed by citizens of the county, especially the people of Juarzon Statutory District.

The appointments were based on recommendations made to the President by Superintendent J. Milton Teahjay. The appointees are been asked to take delivery of their appointment letters before the 21 July from Supt. Teahjay.

Those appointed are Sylvester Boye-Gbalah, Commissioner of Nyan Township; Hamilton K.  Saydee, Superintendent,  Juarzon Statutory District as well as David W. Tiawulah, Development Superintendent  also in Juarzon Statutory District. Others are Duncan Tarjibo, Commissioner of Kingston Weagbah Township and D. Wrogee Soworh, Commissioner of Nimopo District, Kpanyan Statutory District.

Other appointees are Joseph Jarwee, Commissioner of Sargbah Town in Juarzon Statutory District; Robert Savage, Commissioner of Murryville Township and James Nyounwlah, Commissioner of ToboTownship in Jaedae District.

Also appointed is Jefferson S. Doe, Assistant Superintendent for Development Jaedae District, while Napoleon Kingston, Rufus Seongbae, Konwon Blamoh, Stephen Wion Abraham Teah and Peter Sworr, Nagbe Wiah Ango Gbassie, Sophia Jarwee, Philip Kamah, Amos Quarteh, Sampson Kannah, Mary Menjay, and John Jelleh were appointed by the president as city mayors.

Meanwhile, residents of Butaw District, Sinoe County are calling on government or NGOs to construct hand pumps in their district to enable have access to safe drinking water. The call comes in the wake of the destruction of the only two hand pumps in the area which was constructed in 2002 by the Catholic Relief Service and Tear Fund. The people are currently drinking from creeks, posing the risk for water borne diseases, including diarrhea.

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