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Sisters in Islam celebrate Hijab Day

By Ramsey N. Singbeh, Jr, Margibi county 

Sisters in Islam, a Muslim organization in Kakata,  Margibi County has celebrated World ‘Hijab’ Day here.

The celebration is an annual event founded by Nazman Khan on February 1, 2013. It is being observed annually in 140 countries worldwide. 

Its purpose is to encourage women of all religions and backgrounds to wear and experience the hijab something, that the event organizers describe as an opportunity for non-Muslim women.

Hijab is an Islamic concept of modesty and privacy,  most notably expressed in women’s clothing that covers most part of the body. Although firmly rooted in the Islamic tradition, hijab is not strictly defined in the Holy Quran. It is often a personal and cultural concept rather than religious.

The Holy Quran Chapter 24, verses 31 also instructs men to observe modesty: “Say to the believing men that they restrain their eyes and guard their private parts. That is pure for them. Surely, Allah is well aware of what they do.”

Muslims including Imams, students, women and men all paraded the principle streets of Kakata to the City Hall where Christians and stakeholders, including Dr. John S. Smith, a representative aspirant in Margibi District 3, former Senator Clarice Jah of Margibi, Madam Victoria Torlo Koiquah, Executive Director, PEACE Liberia, Madam Kula Fofana of People’s Foundation Africa and other politicians as well as local officials were invited to grace the occasion. 

Speaking during the program, Madam Kula Fofana, explained that ‘Hijab’ Day is significant globally, especially in countries where the wearing of hijab or headscarf is challenging. 

She said in other countries like the Middle East where hijab is considered part of the people’s tradition, there is no need for the celebration, but in countries like Liberia and Europe, where women are still being persecuted because of the way they choose to dress, it is necessary to celebrate the day.

She cautioned women wearing the headscarf to show modesty not only in their dress code but in their behaviors on a daily basis.

The Head of Sisters In Islam, Mabendu M. D. Sheriff, noted that there are women who are members of the organization but are non-Muslims. 

She disclosed the membership in Kakata is about 50 now and encouraged other women to come on board. Editing by Jonathan Browne


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