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Situation worsen at Phebe Hospital

The NewDawn newspaper has gathered that things have become worse at the only referral hospital in Bong County, Phebe Hospital.In addition to fuel shortage, the hospital faces numerous challenges including lack of gloves, among others.Our correspondent says patients seeking medication at Phebe buy their own gloves before they are touched by Medical Doctors.

Sometimes pregnant women who do not have the financial backing to purchase gloves and other essential materials are abandoned by doctors.

Government recently made available LRD$18m for the hospital, but still owes its vendors more US$300,000.00.Unnamed creditors are said to have refused to credit the hospital until their debts are settled.Since the beginning of March, this paper had gathered that Phebe Hospital has been having difficulties in giving patients paracetamol.

Mother Alice K. Nuahyea, a resident of Jorquelleh District who recently took her daughter at the hospital told this paper that she lost her daughter about a week ago as a result of the lack of fund to buy necessary drugs that were prescribed by Doctors.

“When I took my daughter at Phebe, I can’t really remember the name of the Doctor, but he gave me four different papers to take it [to] drugs store. But because I did not have money, I forgot about it and I think that’s the reason why I lost my only child,” she says.
According to Alice, the unnamed doctor did not state what the sickness was, but referred her to drug store to buy drugs for her daughter’s treatment.

Alice says government through the Ministry of Health needs to act now by providing the necessary medical supplies for the hospital to save lives.

In Jarkai, upper Bong County, another 36 years old pregnant woman on Saturday died, having gone in the bush to work for money to be able buy gloves and other materials demanded by the hospital.

“She left from the hospital and went back to the bush to find money, and she decided to return at the hospital on Monday. Upon getting the money …, she got in pain on Friday night,” Nancy Kohoe, a resident of the town says.

According to her, the lady gave birth Friday night, but died on Saturday as a result of bleeding profusely.Madam Kohoe has called on government to help the Phebe Hospital.By Joseph Titus Yekeryan in Bong
–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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