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Six charged for gang rape

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Police in River Gee have arrested and charged to court six persons for allegedly kidnapping and gang-raping two elderly women, ages 55- 64 years, in the town of Webbo Wlagboken, Webbo Statutory District.

A police charge sheet lists the defendants as Daniel M. Alison, Charles Freeman, Randall Nagbe, Koko Freeman, Nyenpan, Koto Theodore and Bill Freeman, while naming suspects Napoleon Davis, Nicolas Smith and Jacob Smith as those still at large.

They were allegedly acting as the town youths and elders, between November 5 and 15, 2014, when they went to the homes of the victims, under the pretext of being in possession of harmful salt, and had the victims blindfolded, tied and taken away to the center of the town, and later, in the home of Co-defendant Bill Freeman.

According to the River Gee County police, the defendants began torturing the victims to confess that the table salt was intended to spread the deadly Ebola Virus Disease in the Webbo District area.

The Police charge sheet further claimed that the defendants at various times and places, had the victims tied, blindfolded, beaten and had them naked and raped in violation of 14.70(2), 15.50(1), and 14.20(a) of the New Penal Law of Liberia.

When contacted, the County Attorney of River Gee, Atty. Wesseh Alphonsus Wesseh confirmed to NewDawn that the Grand Jurors of  the fifteen Judicial Circuit  sitting in  its November A.D. 2014 Term of Court,  indicted the defendants for multiple offenses to include Gang Rape, Kidnapping, Aggravated Assaults and Criminal Facilitation.

Atty. Wesseh said he could not say much about the case, as the defendants have been remanded at the Fish Town Central Prison awaiting court trial during the February A.D. 2015 term of court.

Meanwhile, the River Gee County Attorney also told the NewDawn that during the November A.D. 2014 Term of court  presided over by Judge Zuballah A. Kizeku, the State won  all three cases  that went to  trial to  include a Statutory rape case,  in  which a thirteen year- old girl was raped  by 23 years old  Prince Nyanfore  of Tuobo Sweaken.

The convict was sentenced to the Zwedru Correction Palace for 10 years.

The government also won a burglary and theft of property case in which defendant Junior Slober was sentenced to five years and an aggravated assault case in which defendant James Norwinee was sentenced to a prison term of one year.

By Winston W. Parley

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