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Smart Man – Part I

Yes, I know that, generally speaking, men feel that they are better than women, more knowledgeable than women, more intelligent than women, smarter than women, and so forth. Just as the creatures called “human beings” like to feel that God’s wonderful creation is all about them, men, on the other side, feel that the world is all about them. Isn’t it interesting?

While it is true that men, in general, have this feeling, I think otherwise. I believe that men are usable creatures created by God, and they are created to be used by women. Men are usable animals for women. They are stupid creatures. That’s why I usually laugh when men behave as if they were smarter than women, or as if they were the ones that could really use women. Men! – stupid, usable creatures. Da me say so.

Anyway, although I am convinced that men are usable creatures made for women, some men can sometimes act smart.

The action of a man almost made me forget that men are stupid creatures. Of course, I cannot forget that the creatures called men are stupid, usable animals, especially under the spell of women.

It confuses me why men always – or almost always – become stupid and confused in the presence or under the influence of women. Because this perplexes me, I will continue to investigate this matter until I obey God’s call.

Anyway, as I was saying, among the usable creatures called men, one of them acted smart and used a woman, instead of the woman using him, which surprised me somehow.

Here is how it happened. The guy used to like drinking business, but the woman – his girlfriend – didn’t want him to. She wanted him to stop completely. The guy, too, was not ready for it.

But the woman was determined to make him stop drinking. She sometimes used to follow or tail him at drinking sites and take him from there. She didn’t forget to search in their house, especially their room, for any liquor bottle. It was unbearable for the guy.

So one day, the guy devised a scheme to get around the restriction. He bought some special, sweet, red wine having 25% alcohol content and hid it in their room.

Then one Sunday evening, after they had come from enjoying themselves on Bernard’s Beach, the guy told his wife that it would be great if they went into their room and rested for about an hour. The women, too, being tired, instantly agreed. And inside they went.

After a few minutes, they found themselves lying on a quite spongy mat in their room. Because of the heat, the guy was wearing only his briefs, and the woman her panty. She was lying prone – her back was faced up.

The guy got up easily and fetched the bottle of wine, opened it, and poured a little on the woman’s back, saying, “Don’t shake, honey. I want to put something on your back and lick it from there romantically.”

The woman positioned herself and lay properly. Women like using men, so she thought it was another opportunity to use another stupid creature.

He poured the first and started licking it before it could reach down the woman’s waist. He poured the second one and licked it, too. He poured the third and did a similar thing, licking it from there and licking other parts of her back where there was no wine.

She smiled in a kind of I-am-going-to-use-this-man-again manner and said, “It’s really nice, baby. I really like it. Please do it to me every night or every other night.”

“You think I will always have the money to but wine for that purpose?” remarked the guy deceitfully.

“If you don’t have money to buy the wine, tell me. I’ll help you sometimes,” she said.

The woman enjoyed what the guy’s tongue and lips did to her body. To her mind, she had used another usable, stupid creature, without realizing that it was the guy who had used her. That day, the guy drank half of the bottle, the quantity he wanted to take in for the day.

And that’s how he continued his drinking habit. As our people would say, “When using see using, using can hide.”

Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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