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SMILE Liberia educates Liberia children

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SMILE Liberia, a local charity has embarked on an education program for less fortunate Liberian children, whose parents lack financial capacity to send them to school. The head of SMILE Liberia Prince Parker said, about 50 children have been enrolled in school, and plans are underway to reach a target of about 200 students.

Mr. Parker said the process started in Montserrado County, which happens to be the most populated county in the entire Liberia, and will extend to other counties. He said children in Indiana, Grand Bassa County, are really suffering to acquire an education due to lack of roads to commute to school. Some the kids trek about 30 minutes to school.

The SAMILE Liberia boss said sometimes the kids ride in canoes, which take them about 15 minutes in this case to get to Buchanan for school. In an interview, Mr. Parker said with the help of Montserrado County Representative Saah Joseph and the management of Aminata petroleum filling station, his group is able to educate the children, noting that the children selling in the streets are future leaders, who need to be educated rather than being in the street.

He said the group wants to get the children from the streets and help their parents to keep them in school, noting that these days, Liberian youth have gone astray with most of them boys and girls into drugs abuse, something that is destroying the Liberian society.

SMILE Liberia emphasized that educating the young people of Liberia will help to have a better society for tomorrow.

By Ethel A. Tweh-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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