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Snowe, Fahngon flex muscles

A disturbing video on social media hows Bong County Representative Edwin Melvin Snowe and Deputy Information Minister Eugene Fahngon in a hot encounter at a police depot in Monrovia where the lawmaker allegedly attempted releasing someone that Fahngon had complained.

In the dramatic video, Fahngon accuses Rep. Snowe of going to the police depot and ordering officers there to release a man who had been taken under police custody based on the Deputy Information Minister’s complaint.

There are unconfirmed reports that the man taken under police custody was allegedly suspected to be photographing Mr. Fahngon at an entertainment center on a mobile phone.Mr. Fahngon is said to have noticed that he was being photographed by the man in question and subsequently demanded that his photo be deleted.

In the process, Mr. Fahngon is said to have seized the phone, called police officers and agents from the National Security Agency (NSA) who took the guy in question to a police depot in Monrovia.

Rep. Snowe was said to have come in the picture given that the man who had been arrested was either from his district or some aide.

In the video, Rep. Snowe accuses Mr. Fahngon of being the one who took the man to the police depot for detention, but Fahngon denies it and insists that “the law brought him here.”

Fahngon says the guy’s phone is with the NSA and the police, and accuses Snowe of allegedly violating the law.
Snowe is said to have demanded the guy’s release, which Fahngon argues would have resulted to the lawmaker’s arrest and detention for interfering with law enforcement if it were in the United States.

Fahngon also makes accusation that Mr. Snowe may have been the one who allegedly sent the guy to photograph him (Fahngon).
In front the police depot, Rep. Snowe is seen standing while Mr. Fahngon points finger to his face, warning him and using some words that were so damning to the lawmaker.

Rep. Swnoe is heard asking Mr. Fahngon what did the guy do, but Fahngon continues that Snowe should ask the law.While Fahngon persistently engages Snowne, the lawmaker is seen like trying to make phone calls.

Fahngon says he is going to damn Rep. Snowe for his action “tonight.”
In the video, Fahngon accuses Mr. Snowe of allegedly ordering the tearing of a police officer’s uniform during a tussle at the police depot to get the arrested man out.

Fahngon also alleges being insulted by Mr. Snowe, but his own video also shows on many instances how he damned the lawmaker.

Fahngon claims that he has been threatened by Rep. Snowe that he would be fired in three days. But he warns that Mr. Snowe should “never, ever try that nonsense to me.”

He says Snowe needs to watch himself, saying he (Fahngon) went at the police station to condemn Snowe for his action.

In the drama, Snowe is heard complaining against a man wearing red shirt and called police to arrest him.
As Fahngon makes angry expressions, Mr. Snowe is heard in the background asking the Deputy Minister if he still had more to say.

It was a long engagement with Fahngon at some point bringing in party politics and claiming that “we fought” for this revolution.Fahngon says this is not Charles Taylor (NPP) or Ellen Johnson – Sirleaf (UP) government, adding this is Weah’s government and “we’re” right here with CDCians.”

But Snowe questions how Fahngon claims to have fought for the Change when he was with businessman turned – politician Benoni Urey (ALP) and later joined President George Manneh Weah (CDC).


By Winston W. Parley


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