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So the suspended port managers have fled the country

We have learned reliably that the suspended manager of the Port of Buchanan in Grand Bassa County Charles McArthur Gull and Chief Statistician Amara Kamara currently facing investigation for diverting over US$300,000.00 of the port fund to a private account have absconded. How this happened we are not interested but one thing that should be clear is they did not act alone.

The last information we gathered from the management of the National Port Authority last week is that the suspended officials, who reportedly confessed to diverting the amount were being forwarded to the Liberian Anti Corruption Commission for a thorough probe.

Now we are hearing that they have absconded to the United States of America. To have them brought back to Liberia to face justice would require serious legal battles, including extradition requests that might drag for months or years.

In fact, we also gathered that the actual amount of money diverted into a private account in Monrovia is US$900,000.00, contrary to what the NPA management had reported. But if the NPA management claimed to have conducted the preliminary investigation with the suspended officials at which they confessed to diverting the public money, then it ought to know their whereabouts.

We are absolutely flabbergasted that the two officials, having been suspended for alleged impropriety which they admitted to, were never apprehended whatsoever even as they were said to be transferred to the LACC. We clearly see connivance or complacency here.

Someone needs to account how possible was it when the guys, already being investigated though without any formal charge would escape the country without trace. Someone, probably a mole within the government could have been keeping them abreast of happenings and eventually helped them to run away.    

 Such behavior portrays the government negatively and sends the wrong picture about many people’s motives for coming to public service. They see government jobs as an opportunity to steal and amass wealth quickly.

We recommend that any future investigation on how Charles McArthur Gull and Amara Kamara, under investigation left Liberia for the United States should include the management of the NPA to help with the said investigation.

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Honestly speaking, the handling of public funds under the Weah administration leaves much to be desired, particularly in the face of a health pandemic and serious economic challenges. Those responsible should not go with impunity.

Similarly, the public is watching with eagle’s eyes on development at the National Transit Authority (NTA) where millions of dollars are been reportedly siphoned by its managing director, Harbie Macauley, evoking employees’ protests and calls for his dismissal.https://thenewdawnliberia.com/port-of-buchanan-managers-admit-to-stealing-300k/

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