Solway Investment Group reacts to media reports

The Management of Solway Investment Group in Liberia says it has launched a board-led investigation in the conduct of business by its subsidiaries Compania Guatemalteca de Niquel SA (SGN), Compania Procesadora de Niquel de Isabal SA (Pronico), including affiliates, agents, management, and associated persons.

“The decision to commence a board-led investigation of events in Guatemala resonates with our dedication to learn lessons and to make any necessary improvements to the Group’s processes and governance”, the company says.  

In an official reaction, it says the clarification is in response to allegations raised by series of publications initiated by the journalistic consortium Forbidden Stories.

It notes that Swedbank has been subjected to criminal and civil investigations, but Solway group has never received any questions from either the bank or prosecutors’ office during those legal actions.

The company further notes that in March 2020 Clifford Chance released its report of investigation on Swedbank, but that none of the companies related to Solway Investment Group were included in the final Clifford Chance report.


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