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Some Fathers Are Mean to their Children

A prelate of the Monrovia Open Bible Standard Church (MOBSC) Bishop Charles Z. Barwon said a godly father must be industrial, merciful and wise. According to Bishop Barwon, a godly father should have compassion for his children, and must also be genial in handling matters with them, noting “Some fathers are mean to their children.”

The Bishop made these assertions at the 23rd Father Day program held at the Church on Sunday, June 16, in Oldest Congo Town. During the program, Father Ataysics J. Richards was crowned as Father of the Year.

He preached from Luke 15:1-23, a book in the New Testament that talks about the prodigal son, who requested his share of his father’s wealth. According to Bishop Barwon, the young son came to his father and said he wanted his potion of the property to go and live on his own. He said the father was very industrial so he has wealth and because of his compassion, he gave the young son his potion of wealth, which he lavished on prostitutes.

“One the day, the son realized that workers at his father house have enough to eat so he decided to go back to his father, this time not as a son, but to be one of his father’s workers,” he narrated.

He noted that the father saw his son from a distance and welcomed him back home and told his workers to kill the best cow so they can have a big party, and that they give the son the family ring.

The Bishop noted that children that are in the streets today are there because of the way their fathers treat them, stressing that a godly father should always focus on the lost.

He advised fathers, who are in the habit of not forgiving their children and always want to take adventure of them, saying “There is nothing valuable to neglect your children for.”

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