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SOS For Martha Kennedy School in Bong County

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An alumnus of the Margaret Kennedy Elementary and Junior High School in Sergeant Kollie Town, Suakoko District has launched a passionate appeal to the administration of Bong County to renovate the school following a recent disaster. The Margaret Kennedy School has been without a roof for a little over a month now since a thunderstorm swept away its roof.

In an interview with this paper in SKT, Mr. James Dorbor Sao noted that students of the school were presently using private homes to seek education-something he termed not only embarrassing, but shameful for the government’s highly publicized free and compulsory primary and junior secondary education.

He wondered why a public school would be forgotten by the government, especially when it is situated in a strategic district like Suakoko. Mr. Sao is appealing to the Office of the Bong County Superintendent to promptly intervene, in restoring the dignity of the students of the Margaret Kennedy Elementary and Junior High School in Sergeant Kollie Town.

Authorities of the school have confirmed to this paper that all efforts to bring the problem to the attention of the Ministry of Education are yet to materialize. More than nine hundred students are enrolled at the school which is providing free and compulsory primary and junior secondary education in the town.

Fuamah District, Bong County – Three Suspended But…

Bong County Superintendent Selena Polson-Mappy has suspended three clan chiefs of Fuamah District for time indefinite. The chiefs were suspended for what she called ‘administrative reasons.’ In a letter dated September 30, 2013 and addressed to Clan Chief Mulbah Gaikorlor of Yarbayon clan, the superintendent advised him to turn over authority to his General Town Chief until otherwise.

However, Clan Chief Gaikorlor has termed the suspension as laughable and ambiguous. He told this paper in a Fuamah last weekend that Superintendent Mappy has given no specific explanation for his indefinite suspension, emphasizing that he needed more explanation while he was prepared to serve the penalty of a known crime, but not an unexplained reason.

Clan Chief Gaikorlor expressed the belief that he’s being witch hunted, especially as the 2014 Special senatorial election approaches. Others suspended along with the Yarbayon Clan Chief are Brown Kollie of Zarwokomue and the Clan Chief of Dobli Clan.

Superintendent Mappay has always spoken of the need for local officials in the county to be proactive on duty, and not to take salaries and “go to bed”, warning that gone were the days when local officials only waited for salaries after abandoning their jobs.

The Bong County Superintendent said she was bewildered during a visit in one of the clans in the District with Internal Affairs Minister Morris Dukuly and met the absence of one of the chiefs despite being informed about the visit.

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