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South Africa’s university pledges support to Munah-Tech 

By Emmanuel Wise Jipoh

The University of South Africa has pledged collaborative support to the newly opened Munah’s Pelham Youngblood school of technical and vocational training studies or Munah Tech, South Africa’s Ambassador to Liberia Prof.  M. Iqbal Jhazbhay has disclosed.

Speaking at the official opening ceremony of the facility over the weekend at the headquarters of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) in Congo Town, the head of the South African Mission in Liberia, Amb. Jhazbhay said the University of South Africa (UNISA) through its Chancellor Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki has extended the University’s unflinching support and willingness to collaborate with the Munah-Tech Vocational training center, including opportunities for students that would enroll there.

He said UNISA will provide training opportunities for students, logistics, and exchange services while applauding the ruling CDC for remarkably demonstrating a path of human capacity building.

The South African Ambassador said the African National Congress (ANC), the ruling establishment of South Africa will collaborate with the CDC in terms of political, economic, educative, and social endeavors, something, he observed, “We are seeing CDC doing in Liberia”.

Ambassador Jhazbhay said the African National Congress sees the CDC as a revolutionary movement that “fights for the masses like the ANC” did in South Africa.

Earlier, the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa, described the center as a remarkable step to empowering the youth of Liberia, urging young people to make maximum use of the opportunity being provided to them to serve as future leaders of Liberia.

He applauded the CDC for the achievement and noted that the ruling Coalition will do all within its power to empower Liberians. He said, unlike other political parties, “CDC will keep being instrumental in empowering the lives of Liberians especially young people, instead of only singing political slogans and chanting.”

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“This is our party and we all must work to see the best of it and to make the greatest impact in Liberia”, the Grand Kru lawmaker said.

CDC National Chairman, Mulbah K. Morlu, praises CDC founding father and Standard-bearer George M. Weah for the wisdom, leadership & support that drove the people-centered project to a remarkable completion.

Chairman Morlu stated that the facility will enroll about 1,500 young partisans into vocational skills such as carpentry, masonry, electricity, housing keeping, and interior decoration, including computer science, among others.

Morlu called on partisans to begin making new marks in their various communities by taking advantage of the CDC-Munah-Tech’s vocational training school and disclosed that plans are underway to erect similar vocational training schools across the country to build the human resource capacity of young CDC partisans and supporters. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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One Comment

  1. What is wrong with this immature political group called CDC? Why are you so innovative making the other parties to plan catch-ups or in the case of some, makeup.

    Why should a political party invest in the people in its own name since what we should be doing is just talk and talk about the talk? Now let me educate this inexperienced CDC on politics. Politics is about promises. If you fail to meet the promises, make a bigger one and much bigger the next time. If you run out of excuses, find a scapegoat. But a political party building school? No, no, no. You should have had better use of your money like bailing out other parties out of rent debts to prevent their eviction. If you run out of political ideas, go to sleep. And if you don’t know how to sleep in politics, get advice and you know from whom. Make bigger lies to cover smaller lies and if you are caught say my mother is ashamed of me. If you have not learned intelligent lying, visit senator AD.

    The next mistake you will make is to help these youths who will graduate from your programs establish small business to make them self sufficient. This is when you will see the largest demonstration of political parties. Don’t you know the youths supposed to be dependent so that we can use them anyway we want. How are we going to buy votes form independent voters. No, no, no please let them be.

    But your president doesn’t take advice from seasoned politicians. We advised him against free tuition, never listened. We warned him against free WAEC, he was deaf. We told him not to cut our salaries and give to low salary earners, he was stubborn. Is he a politician? Now he building school on party ground, conflict of interest to the highest.

    Having vented my political anger, I must shamefully say thanks to CDC for looking out for the youths. Please reach out to our ‘zoko’ brothers as well. There’s much more to be done.

    C U later.

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