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Spare Parts – We All Need Them

The left shaft on my car gave up a few days ago, and I had to check around for a new one. I thought it would be a difficult goal to achieve, but I soon realized that there are shafts of different sizes and types all over the place.

At one of the stores I visited at the Red Light Market, there were nearly all the spare parts I would ever need for my car. Isn’t this interesting, my people? There are spare part stores, shops and tables in and around Monrovia.

Besides, there are spare parts for almost all machines. There are spare parts for sewing machines, motorbikes, bikes, tape recorders, radios, fans, watches, computers, TVs, air conditioners, cameras, phones, wheel barrows, and so forth. And remember I am talking about real spare parts, not false spare parts.

I reflected on the experience and wondered about what it would look like if we, the creatures called human beings, had spare parts all over the place. Wouldn’t it be fantastic?

Imagine visiting the Red Light Market and seeing spare toes and fingers (not false toes and fingers) in various shops or on various tables and counters. Imagine going down Michelin Street and discovering that there are spare shoulders in many different shops. We need spare parts, my people.

Imagine visiting the Duala Market and seeing spare butt all over the place, with some street sellers holding spare butt of different sizes and shapes on the main road, and showing it to passengers and pedestrians, as if they were displaying some kind of newly produced biscuit in the market. You look so, you see big butt. You turn so, you see small butt. You move so, you see frisky or rocking butt, with some butt rocking like water in a balloon. You look so, you see bone or dry butt. You walk so, you find soft or hard butt. You turn so, you see women’s butt. You go so, you see men’s butt. You run so, you see babies’ butt. Wouldn’t it be great? It would be a lucrative business, too. Butt business da small business?

Imagine some potential butt buyers or viewers touching this butt and touching that butt in order to decide which one to choose. Imagine grown men pressing this butt and pressing that butt in the street.

I can see some men fighting over a certain butt, with each arguing that he was the first to choose that particular butt, with some saying, “Da my butt here.” But I can also imagine seeing a lot of accidents occurring at the Duala Market. Women’s butt is usually a fascinating object, and men like to look at it. So, seeing various kinds of butt displayed in the street just like that would send a lot of men crazy. Butt da small thing? We need spare parts, too.

Also, imagine visiting the Gobachau Market in Paynesville and seeing spare breasts all over the place. Imagine looking at full spare breasts, flat spare breasts, sizable spare breasts, small spare breasts, and so forth. Imagine spare breasts sitting on various counters or tables and looking at the potential buyers with that kind of eye, with bright nipples and black nipples acting cool. Imagine a man feeling those breasts with his fingers before deciding to buy them. We need spare parts.

Imagine visiting the Joe Bar Market on the Old Road and seeing penises of different sizes and shapes and other sex organs in shops and on market tables.  I can imagine the number of women that would be in the penis shops or surround the penis tables. Anyway, I choose not to say a lot on this one.

Also, imagine visiting the Jorkpent Town Market and seeing spare ears, noses, mouths, hands, teeth, nails, eyes, feet, legs, thighs, lips, and many other spare body parts displayed on various market tables. Wouldn’t it be wonderful, my people?

If all machines can have spare parts, what is wrong with us, who are considered a more sophisticated form of machine, having spare parts all over the place? And remember I am talking about spare parts, not false parts. For instance, I am referring to spare butt, not false butt. You like it, jacko; you na like it, Jack-o’-Lantern.

Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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