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Speaker campaigns to maintain office

Ahead of 2018, House Speaker James Emmanuel Nuquay has begun mobilizing his support base to retain the speakership in the 54th Legislature. Speaker Nuquay says he needs four lawmakers from his native Margibi County to present him to the next group of lawmakers in 2018, seeking their support to maintain his office as head of the first branch of government.

He made the call recently in Jambo Village Community, Kakata where he had gone to present the Margibi Chairman of the People’s Unification Party Francis F. Cooper, a legislative aspirant for electoral district#4.

The Speaker contributed 700,000LRD to the growth and development of the community. “We are blessed today when we come to our county, the people say the third man in the Republic. We are proud of that, yes, but we still have work to do to maintain what we have. When we leave from here 2018 and we go back to the Legislature; we need to go with a team. I need to appear there with four representatives from Margibi, who will be supporting me to maintain the speakership. I need to arrive at the Legislature with four of our representatives, who will join me to say let Nuquay maintain the speakership”, the Margibi County lawmaker stresses.

He says it will not speaks well when he returns with two lawmakers supporting him and two opposing him or three in his favor, while one is against him for the speaker post, adding that the four will be there to champion his campaign for re-election.

Nuquay continues that such scenario could signal that there is a crack from the county, which would undermine his chances of being re-elected Speaker.Meanwhile, of the five representatives from Margibi, only incumbent district#4 Representative Ben A. Fofana is distant from Representative Nuquay, and the Speaker has vowed to do everything in his power to boot out the Unity Party lawmaker.

He pleaded with citizens to support his leadership by electing those lawmakers in the county, who will support him in the lower House.Nuquay, who represents Margibi District#, says it is not about him, but the county in general, noting that Margibi has something that every county in Liberia wants so they should forge a united front for his re-election as Speaker.

“I was the chair on Ways and Means, four of the representatives supported me and one joined others to fight me and they removed me; that one was the happiest (person) in Margibi County. They joined other people to remove us from all of our committees”, he laments.

He continues that that lawmaker also fought him when he vied for the speakership, but he was defeated, explaining that he could not continue to support anyone, who is always fighting him, adding if snake bit you once, even a lizard would cause to run.

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By Ramsey N. Singbeh, Jr. in Margibi-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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