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Speaker Chambers a ‘mess’

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Montserrado County Electoral District #4 Representative launches a stinking attack against Speaker Bhofal Chambers, describing him as a total ‘mess’ so the Liberian people should not expect any good from the House.

Rep. Rustonlyn Dennis appearing on a talk show hosted by OK FM Monday in Monrovia, notes since his ascendency to the speakership, Speaker Chambers has displayed a non-cooperative posture to every lawmaker of the 54th session of the Liberian Legislature thereby, subjecting the House as another branch of the Executive.

“Speaker Chambers is a mess and because of his action, the House of is underperforming in delivering to the Liberian people, and to serve adequately as being elected for. This is saddened that we have a Speaker who is only loyal to the Presidency and not his colleagues and the country on a broader space,” she says.

She bluntly asserts that Speaker Chambers is one of the contributors to the hardship and bad governance being experienced under the watchful eyes of President George Manneh Weah.
According to the Montserrado lawmaker, Chambers is allegedly involved in issues that are undermining tax generation exercise being taken by the government.

She says Speaker Chambers, upon taking office as head of the House of Representatives granted tax waivers’ permit to SAFICA, a private company operating in his native Maryland County, southeast Liberia. Chambers himself is on record of attacking former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for not granting the company operational permit.

Rep. Dennis observes that Speaker Chambers is fighting for those linked to the missing billion Liberian banknotes to be prosecuted but he opposes any attempt to equally bring to book officials linked to the US$25 million mop-up exercise.

Rep. Dennis notes that there are many unanswered questions surrounding the mop-up exercise, adding that the US$25 million was reportedly borrowed from the operational reserves of the Central Bank of Liberia, but up to present, the government is yet restitute the amount as committed through formal document.

The agreement states that there should been two accounts created one for Liberian dollars and the other for United States dollars but the government cannot give account of the Liberian dollars that were reportedly mopped up, saying it has become an abomination for lawmakers to ask the hard questions.

She says Speaker Chambers now works at the will and pleasure of President Weah and his colleagues rather than the Liberian people as enshrined in the 1986 Liberian constitution.

She laments the House of Representatives that should have provided oversight on the Executive branch of the Government of Liberia has become subservient, as Speaker Chambers continuously rejects communications from individuals seeking clarity or information on functionaries or agencies of government.

When Speaker Chambers was contacted via mobile phone on several occasions, his private cell numbers rang endlessly without a response. By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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