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Speaker Chambers Refutes “Vote Buying” Stunt

Says LD Bank Notes in Display Was an Extension of No-Interest Micro Loan Programs

House Speaker Dr. Bhofal Chambers has refuted media reports about buying votes in his native Pleebo Sodoken District Maryland County.

The Speaker, who is currently in his district, said the pictorial of some Liberian Dollars bank notes making rounds in some quarters of the Liberian Media linking him to buying votes is false and only intended to bring about a media stunt against him from political detractors attempting to impugn his integrity as Liberia gets ready for the holding of general and presidential elections, October this year.

Dr. Chambers said the money depicted in the picture accounts for three hundred thousand Liberian Dollars (LD300,000) valued at US$1900, he presented to beneficiaries of his loan scheme to empower some small-scale market women in a community called Hospital Camp in Pleebo Sodoken, to grow their businesses. The Speaker explained that he will continue to positively impact his citizens, adding that he is willing to meet some of the needs of his people at all times.

Maryland County is among eight other counties participating in the ongoing biometric voter registration process. Liberians will go to the polls in October to vote in a democratic election. Liberia’s National Elections Commission (NEC) is expected to complete the BVR process as of May 11, 2023.

Supporters say the social media stunt is a serious contradiction to the guidelines of the NEC relative to campaign activities.

It has been established that Speaker Dr. Bhofal Chambers is among several other Lawmakers involved with voters’ registration and not pre-campaigning nor buying votes.

Meanwhile, Speaker Chambers has also dedicated two modern town Halls in Kwidoken and Seleken towns respectively in Maryland County at the cost of 20 thousand United States dollars each. So far, It’s the first time that the two towns are benefiting from a modern concrete structure comprising flush latrines, and separate offices in order to conduct meetings among other gatherings.

It has been reported that Speaker Chambers has also been reaching out to several towns and villages in his native Pleebo Sodoken creating awareness of the BVR process.

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