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SRC contractor stresses discipline to transform Liberia

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A head contractor of the Salala Rubber Corporation or SRC in Weala, Margibi County has named discipline for children as a key factor in transforming Liberia. Mr. Johnson Nowon said the future of the nation depends on the children, but they will only be successful when they are disciplined.

Speaking to The NewDawn recently in Weala, when he served as guest speaker for the closing of an elementary school, he indicated that many people in Liberia are suffering because of lack of discipline. Mr. Johnson Nowon: “There are many people who are high school graduates and degree holders but they are suffering to get jobs because of the lack of discipline.”

He noted that discipline does not only lie with the parents alone, but the children and all other people who are interested in transforming Liberia. Mr. Nowon said children should be trained from the time they learnt how to speak.

He said many people can spoil their children from the earliest age, adding that they see the children misbehaving and they spare the rod with the belief that the person will change when he or she reaches adulthood.

He said some parents do not care to monitor their children and as such, many children these days can be seen going astray, engaging in activities that do not have any positive impact on their lives.

The SRC Contractor Head added that when children start to speak and identify things, they can easily learn anything good or bad, concluding that when children are disciplined, they can represent the good image of the family and country at large.

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