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SRIMEX denies claims of bad petroleum

The management of SRIMEX Petroleum Liberia Inc. has rubbished as a campaign of calumny with political undertone, report by a local daily that the oil and gas company has brought into the country alleged contaminated petroleum product.

The company claims that the report is a campaign of calumny with political undertone to muddy its CEO Mr. Musa Bility, who is also an executive at opposition Liberty Party (LP).
SRIMEX accuses FrontpageAfrica newspaper attributing to LPRC Head of Communications Williams Morris that … “Bulk of our cars we get here are used cars, then you go and allow bad product to come into the country? It will Damage our cars.”

In countering the claim, SRIMEX says describes the assertion as being below the belt politically, and argues that the the petroleum product in question did not even enter the market to have warranted the alarmist charge of LPRC.

It referenced BIVAC as a imported goods quality control institution that has done its due diligence and certified the product.Clarifying the issue further, SRIMEX discloses that West Oil, Liberia’s largest petroleum product importer, allegedly brought in one of the three ships, while SRIMEX, SP, NP and Petrol One brought in the remaining two ships.
It says other petroleum dealing companies including SP, NP Petrol One, aside from SRIMEX, had dealings with the products but were scarcely cited in the newspaper publication in a bad light.

SRIMEX notes that when it became apparent by the validation of the production, it was recalled as a bad product, “something we had no qualms with…”“Why would a supposed serious entity as LPRC … join the fray of politically motivated bad press against Musa Bility who is stalwart of one of the leading political parties in Liberia is crystal clear,” the SRIMEX statement reads.

SRIMEX management has therefore disabused the minds of its array of customers and the Liberian populace to thrash the LPRC statement and be steadfast in the conviction of their commitment to trust a credible local company holding its own in the midst of foreign competitors.

THE SRIMEX statement reassured: “we are bigger than conning the market with fake products, we represent honesty and integrity in business to restore the eroding confidence that suggestive of Liberians not capable of doing better…” –Press release

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